Monday, July 20, 2009

Eating the Placenta

In an effort to stay unbiased, I will just say that the thought of eating my child's placenta makes me feel ill. I guess this is a big thing in some cultures so I don't want to offend anyone. However, it is a little shocking to me. I thought I was reading the story wrong the first time around.

FROM NBC: After a baby is delivered, the placenta is usually destroyed....considered But some women believe there are benefits to ingesting their own available in capsule form. Diana Gonzalez talks to the women who make and take them.

Khloe Stoute was born on the 4th of July.... 4 days later her dad took this Video of Naeemah Jones preparing the placenta
Naeemah Jones/Placenta Encapsulation "Clean it, steam it, put it in the dehydrator until it's crispy. I grind it up in my bullet." Khloe's mom Natasha now takes her own placenta in capsule form to prevent the postpartum blues she experienced after her first child

Natasha Stoute/New Mom "I just felt very overwhelmed anxious and emotional" Natasha hasn't been taking the placenta pills long enough to feel any difference, but Ahuva Gamliel swears by them. Ahuva Gamliel/New Mom "I didn't have any depression after the baby was born the nutrients helped to balance my hormones and make me feel good"

When Julie O Sullivan was pregnant with Chrystal and decided to try placenta pills she got this reaction... "That's so gross." After giving birth she took her placenta capsules for 3 weeks. Julie O'Sullivan/New Mom "I felt the bleeding was minimal and it helped with lactation"

Naeemah Jones is a doula who was certified on line as a placenta encapsulation specialist . She charges an average of 175 dollars. Naeemah Jones/Placenta Encapsulation "When I go into the homes I have a suitcase of encapsulation equipment." Natasha had a c-section at Memorial Regional. "I had to sign a release form and they put it in a bucket and were like here's your placenta there you go." Not standard procedure at every hospital.

Diana Gonzalez/Reporter"A spokesperson from South Miami Hospital told me all hospitals in the baptist health system have a policy not to give women their placentas for infection control reasons."

What about the claims that women who take placenta capsules have fewer emotional issues, more energy and a faster recovery? No comment from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists or the Endocrine Society and the state does not regulate the personal service Naeemah provides.
Naeemah Jones/Placenta Encapsulation "It's like my clients hire me as a chef I'm just in there cooking in their kitchen so they have nothing to say about that" While it seems very natural to these moms... for many women its a tough concept to swallow.

What do you think about this? Has anyone heard of this or known anyone who has eaten the placenta?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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