Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Take a Vacation

While it may seem like taking a vacation this summer is a luxury, it's actually a necessity — according to mental health professionals!

Vacations are essential to disconnect and rest your brain, according to experts. These days, it's hard to leave the job behind — technology has left us accessible at all times, with the use of cellphones, e–mail and laptops.

And while some stress can keep us on track and accomplishing tasks, too much can make us sick.
That's why experts recommend unplugging during vacation, relaxing and recharging.And most importantly: leave work at the office!

I don't think we are taking a vacation this year. We have talked about it, but with the new baby coming and all the medical bills, it just doesn't seem probable. Maybe my husband and I will get away for a weekend. I would like to take the boys to see Thomas up in Union this August, but being 9 months pregnant and outside all day in August in Illinois... I am just asking for trouble!

My husband works for AAA Auto Club Group and he keeps telling me about these amazing deals on trips (real vacations.) The week long trips to Europe and Mexico are super cheap right now-less than $1000 a person including airfare! I need to tell him to stop letting me know about all the trips we are missing! I don't think a pregnant woman who had pre-term labor should be leaving the country when she's 7 months along. Do you? I still like looking at this picture and dreaming of a relaxing beach...
Are you taking a vacation this year? Where are you headed?
-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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