Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kids and State Budget Cuts

I am getting inundated with emails about how budget cuts in Illinois will impact kids. It will be devastating to so many people and it might impact you in ways you never realized. I thought I would post a few of the concerns and let you comment about how the cuts could impact your life. 7 billion dollars lost in state funding will be huge if another solution is not discovered soon. If you sent me a note about how the budget cuts will impact your organization and I didn't post it, please resend and I will add it.

The planned budget cuts that will take place in Illinois if the current "50% Budget" is allowed to pass on June30, 2009: It really puts a perspective on what the budget cuts will mean for services offered through the Dept. of Human Services. Where will all these people go?If you don't think the budget cuts under the currently proposed budget plan will affect you, think again....With no place to live and no services to provide for assistance with daily needs, our cities and towns will be filled with children and adults suffering from mental and physical illnesses who cannot be treated, elderly who have no one to advocate and care for them, at risk teens who have no structure to their day & no means of protection at night.

High School graduates will lose financial aid and/or have a more difficult time getting scholarships. Young children will not be able to receive the vaccinations needed to keep them healthy and reduce the risk for all of us. Childcare Connection will be cut drastically, people without Medicaid could lose their home services that keeps them out of a nursing home, foster kids will have nowhere to live because parents will get a significant decrease in monthly allowance. Over 10,000 people will lose their jobs, and the State will actually be losing money generated through matching Federal dollars....This WILL affect you and your community!

I attended meetings with my agency Director and Assistant Director yesterday which left a knot in my stomach as our agency is looking at how to deal with this type of a budget. If this budget is passed, our agency will face a drastic reduction in funding, which means we will be unable to coordinate services to many of our clients (children and adults with developmental disabilities & traumatic brain injuries) and my agency will have to eliminate positions - mine could be one of them....

They are also proposing to cut many of our benefits, increasing caseloads, not giving raises and possibly shortening our work week. I have already had friends at other agencies who have lost their job and have little options in finding a new one (with these cuts). All of this is obviously detrimental to my family as well. Please contact your legislators and ask them to restore the budget cuts and not to cut any Human Services programs. Please pass this on to everyone in your address book. If you don't know your Illinois Legislative members, go here to find out who to contact:

Doomsday Budget is upon us - Draconian Measures expected

Take Action!

On May 31, 2009, the Illinois General Assembly passed a partial budget which created a $9.2 billion funding gap which is now forcing draconian cuts in fundamental state services. Severe cuts in the State human services budget will have serious adverse consequences for local governments, public safety agencies, the courts and corrections. Slashing funding for mental health services, addiction prevention and treatment programs, and youth services will result in less prevention, more crime, more trials, additional probation caseloads and higher detention and incarceration rates.

A budget that cuts human services and other vital programs by 50% or more will result in significant job losses, perhaps as high as several hundred thousand jobs across Illinois. Several of your colleagues have already received job termination notices, program cancellations, and even more are coming. We are reaching out to you take immediate action! The NASW Illinois Office is working hard to make sure the voices of Social Workers are heard in Springfield, but we cannot do it alone.

EMAIL our action alert, mail a letter and call your representatives and then attend a local rally to fund the state budget.
Also contact everyone you know and direct them to the NASW IL office website at - you do not have to be a social worker to use our automated action alert email system.

When you are done leave a comment on the NASW IL blog at stating your support!

The Adult and Children’s Home Based Support Services Programs are slated for Elimination!
Gov. Quinn held a Budget Briefing this morning announcing the elimination of billions of dollars of services including the Home-Based Support Services Program.

The Home-Based Programs are only one of dozens of announced cuts and reductions for DD Services.

Our Service Delivery System is being gutted. Our services and our providers cannot survive with these cuts.

The following is a list of cuts as culled from the Governor’s Budget Briefing Handout:
The Budget Briefing Handout is attached to this e-mail.
· $251 million - 40% cut for providers who serve children & adults with DD…
§ This would include CILA, DT, and other services
· $103 million - Elimination of program for people with disabilities including:
§ Autism Programs
§ Respite and Family Assistance Programs
§ Home-Based Support Services Programs
§ Children’s Residential and Group Home Services
· $71 million - Closing six of nine state-operated developmental centers
· $18 million - Closing Illinois School for the Deaf, Illinois School for the Visually Impaired and Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education
If you haven’t, call your State Senator and Representative. Identify them at

I work for Peoria County Bright Futures. We are an at-risk pre-k program for Peoria county. I am also a mother of twin boys. As a mother, we all want whats best for our children right? We are the voices for our children, after all they cannot stand up and fight for themselves.
We need your help- we meaning the children and families in IL.

Gov Quinn is working on a budget that will eliminate funding for all early childhood programs in the state. This is horrible for the children and families of this area. By eliminating our programs, which are some of the best in the nation, we would be taking away preschool for 100,000 children. The domino effect of this is awful for child care centers, families who are struggling already, teachers, education and our future. We are wiping out over 20 years of great quality programing..

This is just the beginning, I could go on and on. We are trying to get the word out to everyone to call Gov Quinn's office and tell him to support funding for early childhood education. As a mom, I am worried about the future for my boys. I am hoping as a parent, you can understand how awful this will be for our community and can help us spread the word.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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