Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Does IntelliGender work?

So last night on the news we ran a story about the home gender prediction test called Intelligender. You mix your urine with this kit they send you. I think it cost around $25.00. Green is boy. Orange means girls. I tried it with this pregnancy. Sure enough at 10 weeks along it said I was having a boy! That was confirmed at 18 weeks by an ultrasound. The company says the "boy results" are about 80% accurate.

I just did this for fun. I really thought the test would be wrong because this pregnancy has been so different. I really thought it was a girl this time. Even though my test was correct, I don't know if I would take it again. I read a blog on the Internet from a woman who had four boys and Intelligender said she was having a girl. She had a fifth boy! I don't think I could handle that! (not that I am planning 5 kids or anything.) I will be overwhelmed with 3! Had that happened to me, I would have been seriously disappointed!

I didn't find out the sex of the baby with my second child, but I just had to know with the third.

Would you take this test? Did you find out the sex of your baby during ultrasound or wait until the birth?

NBC: Pregnant? Wondering if you're carrying a Mark or a Mary? Well, one company claims that its simple urine test can tell parents-to-be whether they're having a baby girl or boy. If the urine turns orange- it's a girl. Green? You're having a baby boy.

Intelligender, the Plano, Texas, creator of the "boy or girl gender prediction
test," says its researchers have isolated certain hormones that when combined with a mix of chemicals react differently if a woman is carrying a male or female child. Intelligender would not say what hormones or chemicals it uses in its test because of a pending patent.

The company claims that within 10 minutes of taking the urine test, a woman
will be able to tell her baby's gender and that the test can be used as early as 10 weeks into the pregnancy. couples typically don't find out until about 20 weeks.

But a caveat here: the company says the test only boasts a 78-to-80 percent

accuracy rate.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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