Monday, June 22, 2009

Child dies in hot car

I have a lot of friends who have never left their kids with someone else overnight and rarely leave them for more than a few hours. It is stories like this one that make you think twice about trusting someone else with your children. I just can't imagine how this could happen and I have to report on it every summer. Sometimes it's the parents themselves who leave a sleeping child in the car, take in the groceries and forget to take the child to the crib. It is devastating!

I accidently locked my oldest in the car at Walgreens on a 90 degree day. He was only two at the time. I called police freaking out and they were there in a few minutes (It seemed like hours). He was sweating profusely and I felt so bad. I just bawled. It was awful. I have a new car now with automatic locks. I never lock the car manually to make sure that never happens again. I always have the keys with me. It is really scary! Has this ever happened to anyone else?

FROM CNN: A coroner in Kentucky says a Lexington toddler who was left in a hot car over the weekend died from hypothermia. Investigators say two-year-old April Knight was in the care of her grandparents at the time.
"They found my baby still strapped into the car seat.. helpless." Diane Meekins is the maternal grandmother of 2 year-old April Knight. She lives just down the street from April's paternal grandparents, who were watching April Saturday afternoon.

"I saw the police cars out there and I heard the ambulance and I ran." April had been found inside the grandparent's car, unresponsive. "They were working on her trying to bring her back." But it was too late for the toddler, she was pronounced dead at UK hospital.

"She was our angel." Police say the grandparents may have been dealing with another emergency at the time, and left the child in the hot car. Meekins says, she, along with her daughter, have heard little from the other side of the family.

"It might have been an accident .. why won't you talk to me. We want to know what was more important than that 2 year old baby." An autopsy has been performed by the state medical examiners office, but the results are pending.. Lexington's crimes against children unit is investigating the incident.

"We haven't had no chance to see her grow up and see what kind of person she's going to be. I don't know what to do." No charges have been filed against the grandparents. Meekins says April had been visiting with her father and his parents while her mother was in Wisconsin.


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