Monday, June 8, 2009

Car Seat vs. Train

The car seat company Britax sent me this story last week. Honestly, I figured it was one of the hundreds of emails I get each month from people trying to get me to give them a free advertisement for their product/service. So I just now read it and it is an amazing story! I don't understand how, but a 2-year-old survived being hit by a train. He wasn't injured and neither was his car seat! Amazing!

FROM WTMJ: ELM GROVE - Inside the mangled wreckage of a minivan struck by a train in Elm Grove is a car seat. It's still strapped in and not damaged a bit."It saved my nephew's life," said Peggy Partenfelder Moede. The 2-year-old boy was in the van when the train slammed into it. He wasn't even injured.

Assistant Police Chief Gus Moulas says when he survey's the damage, he was amazed no one was killed. "In my opinion, anyone seated in the passenger seat or even the driver's seat would've succumbed to a fatal injury," he said.Peggy says she hopes other people learn from her nephew's miraculous survival. "You never think that this is going to happen to your family and when it does, it's the little things like having the properly installed car seat," she said.

The train was breaking when it hit the minivan, but police think it was still going pretty fast. For those who are interested the car seat is a Britax Roundabout.

What do you think after reading this? Did the car seat save the child's life or is it getting too much credit?What brand of car seat do you use?


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