Thursday, June 25, 2009

Benjamin Sargent Update

LOCAL: A Peoria father convicted of his 5–month–old son's murder will never see the outside of a prison again. A judge sentenced James Sargent to 100 years behind bars without parole today.

Little Benjamin Sargent died from an infection brought on by a nearly week–old dirty diaper. Prosecutors also say the boy hadn't been fed for three or four days. Judge James Shadid said normally he would give an explanation about the sentence.. But Shadid said the facts of the case are clear and he doesn't believe someone who would let a five–month–old child rot to death is entitled to an explanation or cares to hear one.

When given the opportunity to speak on his behalf Sargent rambled through a 15–page statement that didn't mention his son. He quoted Biblical phrases and said he was at peace.
Barring a successful appeal James Sargent will die in prison.His former girlfriend and the baby's mother goes on trial later this year.


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