Thursday, May 21, 2009

What? I'm pregnant?

Your mind will be spinning after reading this story. A mom just gave birth in her bathroom this week and she didn't even know she was pregnant! I know you have heard of these stories before, but this one really happened! She says she took pregnancy tests that came back negative and had very few pregnancy symptoms. My thoughts: I know some people carry small, but if you couldn't tell she was pregnant by 6 months, I am jealous! I had people asking me when my baby is due at 4 months! And to have basically no pregnancy symptoms is a complete dream! Unreal! What about the delivery? She did it by herself in the bathroom in a couple minutes! What? Speaking for all pregnant women out there, that is just not fair!

FROM NBC: A Bloomington, IN woman had a baby Monday, but says she didn't even know she was pregnant. It's the kind of story that doesn't happen everyday and one that's hard to believe.

As Kris Kirschner reports, the Bloomington couple grew from two to three overnight and they didn't see it coming.

A new baby's arrival is often a guessing game. The due date... Birth But for Shana and Bobby what was most unexpected was that they were expecting at all.

Sound / bobby jean "nothing that was anywhere close to the radar of being on my mind..."

Sound / Shana Hupp
"I almost passed out actually that day I thought it was because I had waited to long to eat."
Shana Hupp wasn't feeling well early Monday morning, but had no idea what was causing her discomfort was a 7 pound 3 ounce baby boy.

Sound /
"I tried to wake him up but I couldn't even make it that far, so went to the bathroom and there he came in about 2-3 minutes literally."

Jaxsen's arrival was fast. Too fast to even get to a hospital.

Sound /
"He came in looking white as a ghost, I'm sure I was too."

His parents admit they are still in shock. They had no idea Shana was pregnant. Engaged and living together they had casually considered having children, and even potential names, but had no immediate plans for a family.

Sound /
"Not quite sure this is, I'm going to wake up in a little bit ."

Stand-up Kris Kirschner / reporting "You may be asking yourself how could someone carry a baby to term without even knowing she's pregnant. I talked with an ob/gyn who said while in theory it may be possible, in practice, it's extremely unlikely."

Sound /
"I had taken negative pregnancy tests and I had to just let it go from there."

Shana says she didn't show the obvious signs of an expectant mother.
((she and bobby say "he must have been a calm..peaceful baby"))
((nats bobby says "happy mothers day, I got you a baby"))

Ready or not, he's still their bundle of joy. And while they may rather have timed it differently, they are proud parents just the same.

Sound /
"He's mine and you know I don't have much of a second thought about it."
Ready to start their new life as baby makes three.


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