Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Persuading Picky Eaters

I am still struggling to get my kids to eat vegetables. They no longer will eat peas. So, we are down to corn on the cob and green bean casserole. I think my kids live off strawberries and watermelon. We are going to go broke over the winters paying for all the off season fruit! But at least their favorite foods right now are healthy!

FROM MEDSTAR: The way your child eats today could determine whether or not they’ll have serious problems with food in the future. Helping them develop healthy habits starts with making food and meal preparation a fun learning experience.

Ask a kid what they don’t like to eat and you’ll probably hear something like..
Haley Harp“I don’t really like cauliflower.”
Kendall Schroeder“Sardines and brussel sprouts or whatever.”
Clive Berkman“I think we struggle with hearing about our kids. They won’t eat broccoli, or cauliflower or Brussels sprouts because it’s more of a mind thing than a palate thing.”

Clive Berkman is a chef, cookbook author and pastor who’s preaching healthy eating ideas to kids.
Clive Berkman“In a certain way they’re willing to experiment. If you will lead them down that path.” Leading them down that path that starts with menu planning. Clive Berkman“Sweet potatoes. What else would you suggest? Edamame.”

Armed with their own grocery list, kids “buy in” to better, even economical food choices.
Clive Berkman“Number one is through education. Talking about what happens to this vegetable. How is it unique?”

Clive to kids“Something about a carrot, what are they good for?” Clive and kids“Eyes. Eyes.” Clive to kids“You see your eye? You’ve got your pupil.”

Clive Berkman“You need to bring it to the cookie shelf level.” Clive Berkman“You can’t be too complicated. You have to be basic.” You may even get your kids to eat their brussel sprouts.

Clive Berkman“Look inside. It looks like a little cabbage.”
Kendall Schroeder“When I learn how it’s made and how it’s healthier than other foods we made, it’s just good to know that you’re eating something that’s good for your body.”

Clive and kids“Let’s go home and cook.” Teach your kids that food and cooking is an experience to be enjoyed, instead of the chore it may appear. This is vince sherry reporting. Clive berkman is the author of a cookbook called “empty bottle moments.”

For more information, go to www.cookingwithclive.com the webpage has recipes and a blog with more tips for cooking with kids.

FAST FACTS: Picky eating often starts in the toddler years.At least 20 percent of children have serious problems with picky eating.Making mealtime fun and educational may encourage many picky eaters to choose foods they otherwise won’t eat.

What works with your kids? How do you get them to eat healthy?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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