Friday, April 24, 2009

Multiple Birth Awareness Month

The Peoria Mothers of Twins group sent me an email saying April is multiple birth awareness month!

Here are links to the National, Illinois and Peoria Chapters of Mothers of Twins!

Here's what the local organization is doing in honor of Multiple Birth Awareness Month:

First, We are going to write an article for our State magazine (SAGA) on MBA with some ideas on how local clubs in our state can participate and celebrate. We are also going to send this article out in advance to each local club's state rep and president in our monthly email newsletter beginning in Feb with additional information on what how other clubs are participating from around the country. And we will be building a box on our website ( that will highlight MBA and local clubs' efforts throughout the next few months.

Second, we are going to tie our annual Spring Workshop (kind of a mini convention), "Staying Alive in 2009-We will Survive" and the MBA together. This was held on April 18th.

I know these Mothers of Twins have some great ideas on where to get the best deals for clothing, shoes, etc. I am sure they have some other great tips too. Here's the link to the local chapter in case you want to get involved:

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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