Thursday, March 19, 2009

How Germ Free should you go?

This is a fitting reminder for me and anyone else suffering from illness right now. I know what to do to be "safe." Sometimes I just get out of the habit! I actually found a hard washcloth in the sink today! Disgusting! I try to be careful without going overboard. For me, that sometimes leads to careless or being "too" clean. It's like I either focus on getting rid of germs or I ignore them. I am an all or nothing girl when it comes to this-for some reason!

FROM CNN: Being exposed to some germs is okay. It helps us build up a healthy immune system. But too many germs, especially in the home, can spread harmful bacteria.

No matter how hard you might try to keep your house clean, experts say there is no way to keep it germ free. "This is a house, not a surgery room, it's not supposed to be sterile." But Dr. Zehava Eichenbaum, a microbiologist, says you might be surprised to learn that one of the germiest places in the house is the kitchen sink.

She recommends dousing the sink with bleach once a day, and keeping an eye on those dirty sponges. "You find MRSA, staphylococcus, you find salmonella, e coli, you find pathogenic
and non pathogenic bacteria so essentially everything that we bring into the
kitchen you will find in a sponge."

Eichenbaum does not recommend going overboard on using antibacterial products, but she does have some ideas on how to prevent the spread of germs.

she suggests:
--Switching out sponges often.
--If you're wiping down a dirty counter, use disposable disinfecting wipes.
--Don't wash fruits and vegetables directly in a sink, put them in a strainer or other container.
finally, wash your hands.

Good old fashioned advice that experts say really works.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


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