Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New purses are too heavy for us!

From CNN: New trendy, supersize purses could be hurting more than just your wallet, they may be hurting your body. Doctors say the weight of the bag will start to compress your shoulder. When your shoulder is compressed, your body's natural response will be to hike that shoulder up. Hiking the shoulder up changes the position of the spine. So rather than the spine being normal, it's angled. It can result in spasms and spinal malalignment.

So here's your push to take out stuff you don't need in your purse or diaper bag and wear the bag across your body to distribute the weight. Doctors say men are also at risk because they tend to have wallets that packed full and they always put them in the same pocket.
I have been carrying around a medium sized purse and lunch box(instead of a diaper bag) for this very reason. My lower bag kept hurting and I just couldn't stand it anymore. I also put away my boots with heels for the next few weeks!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Maria said...

I like my big purse, but it is hardly ever full, because I don't want to feel like I am lugging a brick!

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