Monday, January 12, 2009

Downy Warning

I got this email about how you shouldn't wash your kids flame retardant clothes--like jammies--with Downy. It turns out it's true. I do use downy and I certainly don't wash all the sleepwear separately. Who has time for that? So thanks Cameron for the warning!

"Not sure if this is blog-worthy or not, but I found this a little odd. While doing laundry this weekend, I was reading the Ultra Downy bottle (I don’t know why….boredom???), and it specifically says that you should NOT use it on children’s sleepwear as it decreases the flame resistance of the articles of clothing. That sounded like something up your alley."



-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Diane Vespa said...

Also, do you know that the residue from Downey can cause a severe allergic reaction in many people, and they don't even realize it? When dh and I were first married, I got a terrible case of uncontrollable itching all over my body. Turns out, it was the fabric softener that he used on our laundry. Our son has the same reaction! Nasty stuff.

Maria said...

I only buy cotton pjs and use vinegar as a softener. The chemicals they use to make the pjs flame retardant are not good.

Emily/Randomability said...

We tend to not use fabric softener either. Even the dryer sheets that are suppose to be dye free and all that.

They also say that you shouldn't use that for the stain resistant/wrinkle free dockers as it reduces the stain resistant material (or something like that)

Cameron said...

Usually we buy the generic softener, but this time we happened to have Downy. I don't know if the same is true for other brands or not.

Michele said...

I stopped using softeners about a year ago. I use something called static eliminator. I love it, though I don't quite understand how it works. Here's the link. I hope it ok to post.
I like the idea of using vinegar. I didn't know you could do that.

Katie said...

I checked my fabric softener, and Snuggle says the same thing on the bottle. I think that probably all the fabric softeners are going tobe the same.

tillytoo9 said...

Do firefighters wear flame retardant pajamas?

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