Monday, January 19, 2009

Boxing on the Wii

My quiet, shy son loves to box on the Wii. I never thought we'd have a video game, but since we do now, I am trying to be positive. Maybe it will give him some self confidence?

The point of this post is that my husband and son have been complaining that their wrists hurt. We realized it's from playing on the Wii once or twice a week. I guess they are using muscles they wouldn't otherwise be using. My husband says he saw a health report about the increase in the number of wrist/hand problems because of this very thing. Too funny! So if you have a Wii and your wrist hurts, now you know why!

Oh and my son went bowling for real and did excellent after practicing on the Wii. I hope the same holds true for tennis and baseball!

Has anyone else had this wrist problem?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Coach Dave said...

No wrist problems, but we've had to "ground" the kids from the WII already to eliminate the fights.

Maybe we should have them box instead.

Emily/Randomability said...

No wrist problems, but we JUST got the Wii fit and bundle. My legs are sore! Very fun though. I do have to tell my son to back up frequently. I'm about ready to put some tape on the floor and have him stand behind it.

Oh. This is why you wear the wrist straps and don't stand too close ~

Shannon said...

Wii is really fun! Just be careful though, safety first! If your son makes any sudden movements with his wrist in an unnatural position, it may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Best thing to do to avoid this is to keep the hands and wrist relaxed when moving it. When the hand starts to feel fatigued, just give it a vigorous shake to get the blood going and to give the ligaments a bit of a stretch.

Learned about this from the piano and the guitar the hard way! ;)


Child Safety News at InstantAmber

Maria said...

I haven't had wrist pain, but boy did pitching (baseball) cause me some shoulder/arm soreness! I've heard of people getting injured (primarily ankles) from the wii fit too, so be careful. That being said-- at least people are moving! LOL!

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