Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winter Illnesses

I know hand washing is the best way to prevent kids from getting sick this time of year, but when they are in school and traveling for the holidays, it seems inevitable they will get some sort of virus. So my question is:

When do you keep your kids home from school?

1. Runny nose

2. Cough

3. Fever

4. Infection

I would love to hear your thoughts on this! I always struggle with this!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Becky said...

My oldest is 7. She rarely gets sick but when she does-look out! She usually gets high fevers and scary coughs. I always keep them home when there is any kind of fever. I have heard some say only when over 100.0. But a fever is a fever in my book. And when a cough interferes with daily activities. But I wonder what other moms think. Because sometimes the strong cough can last days.

Diana Shane said...

I keep mine home with fever or infection. Also for a rash if it's contagious. If they stayed home for runny noses or coughs, they wouldn't go to school all winter! LOL!

Emily/Randomability said...

run of the mill runny nose & cough: They still go to school/daycare.

Fever: over 100, they stay home.

Infection: they stay home until after one full day of treatment. said...

This is a huge help.
The cough/runny nose thing has been a really hard decision. My oldest has had a cough for four-five days. I feel bad if I am letting my kid infect everyone else, but I can't just keep him home for weeks at a time. And then I realized he had a 99.5 fever one of the days. I couldn't decide what to do.

L. Jackson said...

Ask your personal pediatrcians, but a toddler's temp is considered a fever at 100.5 degrees. Anything below that is normal flucuation. I say, always call your pediatrician if you have concerns, even for just a cough or a runny nose. If your pediatrician's office isn't empathetic to your needs then I suggest changing docs. Our first ped. had the worst receptionists/front nurses (no offense, I love nurses)and they were never helpful with my first baby so we switched docs and have been so well taken care of since. Hang in there through this season of coughs and colds-

Rachel D said...

I keep my kiddos home with a fever over 100 and/or infection. If they have a cough or runny nose they go to school. However, if they don't have a fever, do have a cough/runny nose AND are really lethargic I will keep them home.

As far as keeping them home with runny noses and coughs for the sake of not infecting anyone else...I figure they brought it home from school so they can keep it at school ;)

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