Thursday, December 11, 2008

Too old for Santa

When are kids too old for Santa? Can believing in Santa for too long cause problems?

Yahoo Answers asked people "When is a child too old to believe in Santa?" The average answer seemed to be around 8 years old.

Topix parents say to wait until they ask you whether Santa is true to tell the truth. (My five-year-old already asked me, so that doesn't work at our house.)

When did your kids find out about Santa? Will there come an age where you will tell them if they don't figure it out for themselves?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Miss said...

I love Yahoo answers. My daughter was about five. She asked if he was real and my husband just flat out told her the truth. I was upset at first cause I was not sure how she would react but she was fine. She still thinks the whole idea of santa is neat. My son found out last year when he was six. Basically, the same thing happened and we told him the truth. He was A okay too!

dewayne said...

I think it's a bigger let down for parents than the kids. That's been the case in my house with my kids and grandkids.
My kids found out at about 6.
I have a granddaughter, Michelle,
who is 4.
From the time she could talk she has been convinced a neighbor of ours is Santa. He's a large man with white hair and a white moustache. She calls him Ho-Ho. She loves Ho-Ho.
Ho-Ho keeps her belief going every year by bringing her the present she asks Santa to provide on Christmas morning. We take it to him every year.
Ho-Ho comes over every year with just her present. That has not phased her one bit. She has convinced herself that Ho-Ho brings her the only present because she is the only good kid in a house full of kids on Christmas morning.
I'll tell you that when she figures it out there are going to be some adults at my house who are going to be mighty let down. Ho-Ho, I think, will feel it the most.

Jennifer said...

My daughter was pretty skeptical around the age of four but we didn't tell her, just kind of parried with "What do you think?" type of questions in response to her questions. My kids were pretty old and still believing, around 5th grade before I knew they knew the truth. (Of course the last few years they could have been faking me out!)

Medela said...

I think most of the kids realize it at the age of 7-8, My Daughter is just 5 and she's not ready to accept this reality! I am sure she will get to know about it in one or two years from now.

Anonymous said...

I think the way kids talk with each other they will find out soon enough. However, my youngest son is 9 and this is the first year he doesn't believe. He was questionable last year. I think the thought of believing and imagining is a wonderful thing. We all need to watch Miracle on
34th Street every year!!!

Diana said...

Well, my daughter suspected at around 6 I guess but we convinced her that he was real for another year or two. My boys are 7 (although the he is mentally only 5) and 4 and still believe .
I see no harm in letting them beleive. It's part of the majic of childhood! :) said...

Awesome information! Thanks so much for sharing. It sounds like there is a good range on when kids find out about Santa. I'm sorry it took me so long to get these posted. We were at Universal Studios all day with the Chicago Cubs. I will post pictures when we get back next week.

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