Monday, December 8, 2008

Celebrity Baby Names

Kyd, Pilot, Inspektor, Coco, Apple, Fifi... any of these ring a bell? They are some unique baby names picked by celebritities. I think there's a fine line between unique and just plain strange when it comes to kid's names. I definitley like the names that are different, but don't make me go, huh? Really?

Here's a link to more Celebrity Baby Names:

How about you? What kinds of names did you choose for you kids?

1. Biblical

2. Traditional

3. Trendy

4. Rare, but not shocking

5. One of a kind

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Diane Vespa said...

Jen, my husband and I are as "old school" and as practical as can be. We imagine our children's names at the top of a resume being reviewed by a prospective employer and in competition with 1,000 others! No "Moonglow" or "CoCo's" here! Lol!

Maria said...

Honestly, we watch a lot of basketball (research...haha), so all of the boy names on our list were basketball names. We went through the whole playground mean nicknames game, and then chose one that had a meaning we could live with. Then we disagreed on spelling, switched it up a bit, and got the name. We wanted unique, but not totally off the wall.

Miss said...

I love your blog, very informative and fun. My children's names I would say are part traditional and trendy, nothing way out there! I hope these kids don't get picked on because of their names. That would be so sad.

Acai Berry said...

well i like traditional stuff.

Joanne Justis said...


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Emily/Randomability said...

We were visiting my Mom and a friend and her friend mentioned a family name, Christian. On our way home, I mentioned how about Christian and it was agreed.

For our daughter, we had to be careful with initials. Middle name Ann (my Mom, step-Mom, MIL & hubby's Grandmother's name is Anne) and with a last name starting with "G", we had to be careful that her initials didn't spell anything horrid. we had a couple names in mind and after birth we chose Kaitlyn.

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