Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Best Holiday Traditions

We are hosting Christmas with my husband's side of the family this year and he is so excited. I wonder if he is more excited than the kids! We have started a few holiday traditions in the last two years and plan on starting some new ones this year. 

-We go to church on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas so the kids can play all day in their jammies if they want to. 
-On Christmas Eve, we put on our snow boots and sprinkle reindeer dust (glitter) on the lawn so Santa knows exactly where we are!
-We make Christmas cookies at some point. This year we used some pre-mixed and some from scratch.
-We always send out Christmas cards with an updated picture.(mostly because I love to get them. I think I even guilted one friend into sending out picture cards this year!)
-I want to start reading Twas the Night Before Christmas each year.
-And I have this great idea to hide the stockings and play hide and go seek with them on morning.I plan to turn this tradition into a scavenger hunt as the kids get older and learn how to read!
-Oh and the kids watch the Polar Express each year. They love it!

What are your family traditions?

(My son just interrupted me to tell me reindeer's horns are as big as his friend Nick. Where did that come from?)

-NewsAnchorMom Jen
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Coach Dave said...

We read the night before christmas as a family now that the kids can read. We also let the kids wake up to the gifts from santa. We wear santa hats all day, and we go to a movie on christmas day. We also will drive around and look at lights. My daughter always sleeps by the tree in hopes of catching Santa in the act, she also puts out a letter and cookies with milk.

Coach Dave said...

There is this cute NORAD Tracks Santa website that lets us follow Santa around the world that the kids like.

newsanchormom.com said...

She sleeps by the tree? How cute! I can just see that! We got matching jammies from my in-laws this year. The boys absolutely loved it! I have a feeling that will become a new tradition!

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