Tuesday, November 25, 2008

McDonald's French Fries

McDonald's has a new marketing campaign aimed at moms. A group of moms took a trip to see how the delicious french fries are made. They held some of the spuds and watched them become fries. They were told about the potassium and fiber in them.

This may be in response to that documentary "Super size Me" where the guy puts McDonald's fries in a jar and lets them sit for three weeks. They never changed. No bacteria ever formed. That is a scary thought!

So anyway, this new campaign takes those moms to the streets to sort of spread the message that the fries do have some nutrition in them. Yikes! I don't think most moms would be fooled by that. And what ever happened to McDonald's switching to a healthier oil to cook its fries? I guess that never happened.

This CNN story takes a look at the new Mommy McDonald's campaign.

I admit, I do love their french fries. It is my biggest temptation when I take the kids there to play. I can order the salad, but I usually end up getting a small fry too!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Maria said...

"Some nutrition." By definition, a candy bar has "some nutrition" too. So do potato chips. However, that does not make them good for you.

Coach Dave said...

Chicken Nuggets don't decompose either... makes me wonder what's in the oil

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