Sunday, November 9, 2008

Madness over the Grys Family!

Imagine people showing up to your house at all hours of the night asking for a peek inside. Think about what it would be like if you have to go to the grocery store and every few seconds someone would stop to talk to you. The Grys family from Pekin says it's all worth it and they are happy to talk to the hundreds of people who donated their time and money to give them their dream home.

The Grys family won Extreme Makeover Home Edition a few weeks ago and they are still being bombarded by people. Most of them want to see the inside of the house-which they cannot reveal until after the episode airs tentatively January 11th. They said one man pulled into their driveway, walked up the slope and said, "I will see what's inside that house." One of the older sons had to walk outside and say, "No you won't sir." There have also been some kind of scary incidents that they asked me not to mention specifically.

However, the sort of "stalking incidents" are only a small part of the great experience they are having. Most people congratulate them, hug them and tell them they deserve all the support they're getting. The Grys family has fostered more than 250 kids and adopted three kids with special needs after having four biological children. They are a modest family. Jeanie is a nurse. Steve is a Special Education teacher. Their foster/adoption story is amazing! Of course, I interviewed them about that. I just had to know how they could do so much! I will bring you that story later this week!

Here are a couple shots of the Grys home right after it was finished. The guy in the cowboy hat is the director, G.T. Photographer Gil McIntire shared these photos with me.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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