Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spiky the Woolly Bear

What is a woolly bear? It's a fuzzy caterpillar that you can probably spot in October!

We have a lot of these cute little critters around our house. My son has named them all Spiky. He really wants to keep them. We tried it for a few hours and the little guy ended up getting out of the make shift cage and squirming across my bed! Yuck!

So I promised my son I would at least take some pics of Spiky and put them on my blog. And the best thing happened. I just found an article on how to keep a woolly bear alive all winter and watch it spin a cocoon! My son will be thrilled! Here's the article if you're interested! In the Spring, Spiky will turn into an Isabella Tiger Moth. Do we need to change his name then?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Ric Kearbey said... is a link of something fun that parents can do with their little inquisitive ones.

There is even so toe-tappin' music!


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