Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will you get the flu shot?

From CNN: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says too few Americans are getting flu shots each winter. The CDC wants to get 30 million more school-age children vaccinated.

The head of the agency says virtually every child from six months to 18 years old should be vaccinated unless they have a serious egg allergy. The new recommendations were announced during a news conference today in Washington.

The agency says there is an ample supply, up to 146-million doses, more than ever before. Doctor Julie Gerberding says 261-million Americans qualify to get the shots. However, last year only 113-million of the 140-million doses produced were used.

Are you or your kids getting the flu shot?


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Knight in Dragonland said...

In addition to the injectable TIV flu vaccine, the LAIV nasal spray vaccine is also available for those healthy children & adults age 2 to 49.

Diane Vespa said...

For the first time this year, our health insurer said they would cover the flu-mist vaccine, (the inhaled kind) as opposed to the shot. The kids were soo happy to hear that.

We all get flu shots because our son has asthma and his symptoms become much worse when he is sick.

Maria said...

As hesitant as I am about vaccinations, I do get my son a flu vaccine. I, however, request a preservative free flu shot for my son. It does contain trace amounts of thermisol, but less than a regular flu vaccine.

I also get a flu shot at work (it's free). My doctor (and after doing additional research) tells me it is safe while nursing. Yes, I looked it up myself, because I have found that not all doctors are educated when it comes to nursing and what one should/shouldn't do.

Jennifer said...

I plan on getting a flu shot this year. I haven't decided about the kids yet. My daughter is afraid of shots, so I'll have to check into the nasal spray, if our insurance covers it. Let's hope so! A flu-free year would be great!

Rachael said...

I always get one. This year I think I get one for free since I'm working at the hospital. Yay. My kids get them every year, but this year I told my 5-yr-old he didn't have to have one; he had such an extreme reaction to his last shots...emotionally and physically. It was quite the drama. Now that I know he can get the nasal spray vaccine though, I may rethink that.

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