Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tainted Baby Formula

You have probably heard about this by now. If not, this update from ABC does a good job of explaining the situation. It's appalling. It makes me sick that someone could let this happen. Top brands of baby formula in China were found to be contaminated with a chemical that has already killed three babies. This formula isn't supposed to be imported to the U.S., but if you have been following the controversy over imported goods from China, you know the regulation is lacking. So far, there are no reports of anyone finding the chemical in formula sold in the U.S. Lets hope it stays that way!

Here's the story:

In China tonight, thousands of babies are sick from chemical poisoning-- after being fed contaminated formula. The Beijing government is trying to find out how the chemical-- used in making plastics-- got into the food chain.

The industrial chemical--which led to the death of dozens of pets in the U.S . last year when it was found in pet food--imported from China-- has been found in baby formula. And the scandal is growing. At least three infants have died as a result of ingesting the melamine- spiked milk powder.

More than 62-hundred babies are sick, and nearly 460 are suffering acute renal failure. At first, the finger was pointed at one company, called "Sanlu." But authorities have now found 22 milk producers in the China that have been selling tainted milk.

The melamine was added to the formula at some point in the supply chain to mimic protein. Chinese authorities have already arrested suppliers in connection with this, but it seems it is a more widespread problem than first thought.

This is very worrying for Chinese parents-these are popular brands of baby formula. Parents are angry that they weren't told about the contamination sooner. Sanlu apparently knew about the issue in early August, but the formula wasn' t recalled until last week.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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sunnyday said...

Hi NewsAnchorMom,

I've been reading up on the issue today, too. I stumbled on this article on the issue at MercatorNet a while ago and wanted to share it with you and your readers as it is more in-depth.

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