Monday, September 22, 2008

More China Woes

From ABC:

Poisonous milk formula has now affected more than 50-thousand children in
China. Four have died. Chinese companies were adding the industrial chemical melamine to their milk products to make them appear more nutritious. This could be the worst yet in a string of scandals involving products made in China.

Officials are hoping 25 newly opened, free testing clinics will help ease fears for tens of thousands of anxious parents. They can only wait and see if their children are suffering from drinking milk they thought was safe. "The people who contaminated the milk have no conscience this father said. It is unbearable." Unbearable and hard to believe.

China's premiere Wen Jiabao is vowing to tighten food regulations. His government announced that the toxic chemical melamine has been found in nearly *ten percent* of milk products from three major Chinese companies. It can cause kidney failure. 104 children are in serious condition.

Most children consumed formula from the manufacturer SANLU. Today the government said the company *knew about the problem* and *did not disclose it* for a month. Now China must oversee the destruction of milk produced across the vast country. At this milk farm in Yuanshi county, farmers are facing bankruptcy after the owner was arrested and the price of milk sank.

Some are still selling milk at a cheap price to villagers. They say it's clean but it's impossible to be sure. China's export market is already being hit. Markets in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and more are banning all milk products from China with no word on when that might change.

I feel so bad for these parents. That would be awful!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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