Sunday, September 14, 2008

Belly Art

I saw this story on CNN today and thought some of you might enjoy it! The pictures say it all! I don't know if I would do it, but this first one for little Alexa is too cute!

Many women can attest to the joy of being pregnant and the fond memories of carrying their bundles of joy in their bellies. Now, one atlanta woman, a mother of four, is trying to make those memories last forever.

The artist makes a plaster cast of a woman's pregnant belly, and then decorates it. The do-it-yourself kit is mailed to your house. The process takes several weeks, and costs start at about 65 dollars.

The moms-to-be work with the artists by e-mail to create that custom look.

The website is original belly

What do you think about this?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Shannon said...

Well, I think this is kind of "old news" LOL!

There are plenty of women around this area who do something similar... belly casts are a pretty traditional service provided by some doulas.

Dawn said...

Love it but it's one of those things I'd feel guilty if I ever wanted to get rid of it - like the super huge pics you get of baby. I suppose you could turn it into a chip and dip bowl! said...

That's true. I guess belly casts in general are old news, but I had never seen anything like these! And this artist helps you come up with an idea so your design doesn't turn into a big waste of money. I am one of those people who would end up choosing too many colors or patterns and it would look like a big mess! If there's someone local who does that, I would love to feature them on the blog! Hopefully they will see this post and let us know..

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