Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What did you get on your A.C.T.?

A new report says Illinois students are scoring better on the A.C.T. The report shows the average score for the class of 2008 was 20.7 out of a possible 36. That's up two-tenths of a point from last year.

It's also the highest score since the test became mandatory for the class of 2002. But while the average is higher, black students' scores have been flat for the past five years. The state board of education superintendent says the disparity is a concern, but the report overall is positive.

I only took the A.C.T. once when I was in high school and I wish I had taken it more than that. I didn't do any of those pre-A.C.T. study groups or anything. I think those are a good idea. What will you/are you recommending for your kids? Do you dare tell us what you got on your A.C.T.?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Shannon said...

Funny you should ask... 16 years later, I'm still very proud of my "29!" :) And still wish I had taken it a second time to try to get the 30!

I don't think it's right though that the ACT is part of the state's mandatory testing for high school juniors now. I just don't think it makes sense to test all of your students with a test that only a portion of them are truly prepared for. And if you aren't a college-bound student, what is the incentive for doing well (or making much of an effort at all...) on the test? JMHO....

Maria said...

Let's see... I earned a 29 composite in my junior year. I didn't study and didn't take a class. Oh, and I was almost late for the test and stayed up late the night before with my friends. LOL! I should have taken it again, but at the time, I didn't see a reason why.

I will recommend that my son take either the SAT and/or the ACT and a prep-class. A lot of standardized test taking is knowing HOW to take the test. :) said...

29 is excellent! I understand what you guys mean about trying for that 30-you get so many more scholarships for one little point!

Knight in Dragonland said...


Diane Vespa said...

If you can't remember your ACT score, does that have any statistical relevance? ;)

Allen said...

I got a 31 for the composite score. Friends of mine who scored in the high twenties told me that the Prep ACT courses were a total waste of time and money

Shannon said...

Ooooh... I knew KID would have cracked the 30-mark! LOL!

Diane - if it makes you feel any better, I had forgotten that it is a "composite" score and I no longer remember what I got on the other areas except that I got a ridiculously high (for me) score in science and a totally expected much lower score in math! :) I was good at taking tests - not always at retaining info though. I was an expert test crammer!

SallyN said...

I grew up in New York State and we did the SAT. Only students planning on college took it. (And actually, the college I attended didn't require, at the time, SAT scores, as they tried to look at the entire package, not just the numbers.)

I actually took it twice... no... three times. Once in 7th or 8th grade, as a prerequisite to apply for a summer college camp-type program. Then twice in high school. I don't remember why I took it a third time... probably trying to be a perfectionist (no... I didn't get a perfect score. Though my husband got a perfect score on the PSAT (pre-SAT), which made him a "National Merit Scholar" and eligible for some serious scholarships.)

Husband and I are, fortunately, skilled at standardized exams. Hopefully, our children will be as well. As I'm preparing for my next career as a teacher, I'm sure that preparing my students for standardized tests will be a significant component of my job.

Jenny said...

Well either I don't remember well or I am just the dumb one in the group!! lol

I remember 20 ???

Oh well ... I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. :)

I do remember not having the attention span to 'finish', so about 1/2 way through, I kinda gave up and just started filling in the little bubbles. It was WAY too long!!

I will have my kids take a pre-ACT class to help them prepare. I don't remember being offered the SAT, just ACT but that was 18 years ago.

Brian said...

I got a 30 on in my class at my school. Some others took it multiple times to try to get a 30 or better, but they didn't. Still proud of that!

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