Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Toys without lead? Really?


AP: The House has passed a far-reaching consumer safety bill that bans lead and other dangerous chemicals from toys and other products that could wind up in kids' mouths. The bill also requires that many children's products be tested by third parties before they can end up on store shelves. Consumer groups praised the measure. It is a direct response to the recall last year of some 45 million toys and children's products, some contaminated by lead and many from China. A Senate vote could send the measure to the president as early as this week.

I have interviewed the Consumer Product Safety Commission about how there is really no way to know if we are handing our kids toys that are laced with chemicals known to cause brain damage. Right now it's up to companies who manufacture toys to make sure they are safe for kids to handle. But if they sell toys with harmful chemicals like lead on them, they often don't get caught. The CPSC does random testing on toys, but doesn't even come close to testing all toys on the market. And the few toys they do test are already on store shelves! Now Congress is looking at a new way to make sure the toys are safe.

ABC ran a short blurb on this today: There could soon be some new safety measures for your child's new toys. Congress has finally reached a deal on a bill to make sure our kid's toys are not contaminated with lead or other chemical that may cause illness. The bill would also require mandatory testing of toys. The House could vote on it as soon as this week.

I'll keep you posted!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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