Monday, July 7, 2008

Toxic Shower Curtains

Awhile ago we talked about an environmental group crying fowl on shower curtains, saying they are releasing chemicals into the air--Not exactly a great thought when you are taking a shower to get clean. Experts say if you are worried about this, let your vinyl shower curtain air out before you put it in your house or get PVC-Free liners.

NewsAnchorMom Reader Maria sent me this link with some "alternative" shower curtains that don't have toxic chemicals in them.

Thanks Maria!

My boys like Pirates, so I liked this one the best for the price. The adult PVC-Free curtains listed are too expensive in my opinion!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Maria said...

Use this trick-- I don't like Amazon, but when someone links a product, I look at the manufacturer and find it elsewhere on the web (thank you google). You can also click the manufacturer in Amazon and pull up additional products. In doing so, I found a cotton one for a fraction of the price of the hemp. Just a quick tip. :) said...

That's a great tip! I would never spend $90 on a shower curtain. I will definetly look for something else!

Rachael said...

I'm confused though...isn't the article talking about vinyl shower curtain liners - the part that gets wet? Buying a 100% cotton decorative curtain doesn't really help if you still have to get a liner to go with it right? Or am I missing something here? Anyway, that is an ADORABLE pirate shower curtain...I'm tempted to buy it! We have a table placemat in that same print. ;o) I'm glad you posted this Jen...I have noticed the powerful odor for a few days after I replace my liner and have never thought that it might be dangerous. said...

I think you're right Rachael. I assumed the cotton curtains came with PVC-Free liners on the back. I am not sure. I will check it out.

Did you see the suggestion to air out the liners outside for a week before putting them up? Some experts said that would get rid of most of the toxins that come off them.

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