Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Childhood Skin Infections

I just thought this short little story we ran this week was a good reminder. I usually take the band-aid off my kids after they stop bleeding to let the air get to the wound. It seems to heal faster that way. This advice from an ABC doctor says to keep the band-aid on to prevent infection.

Serious skin infections sent 67-thousand American children to the hospital in 2006 alone making the infections the 8th most common cause of child hospitalizations. Now doctors are trying to get the word out to parents on how they can help reduce their child's risk of skin infections.

Kids under four-years-old are most at risk of developing skin infections. Doctors say washing your hands frequently when handling babies, and making sure wounds on children are kept clean and covered help to significantly reduce a child's risk of skin infection. Some early warning signs you can be on the lookout for are sores that do not seem to be healing, or a stubborn sore that is accompanied by a high fever.

Do you keep band-aids on your child's scrapes and sores?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Maria said...

I put a band-aid on it for that day, but remove it at night until there is a scab. Sometimes it is hard, because he will pull off the band-aid. Also, we cannot use neosporin due to an allergy my son has, so we have a special ointment that was prescribed for when something looks like it needs an ointment (i.e. he sometimes gets a raw nose that scabs up, so we'll put the ointment on at night).

Rachael said...

My friend is a nurse and she took a special class on wound care once. She told me that moist wound healing is the preferred method now - especially in cases where the wound is likely to reopen or the scab will get picked at or scraped off. Neosporin is not just blowing smoke when they say using their product speeds healing according to my friend! So, I usually put on the neosporin and keep it covered for a few days. I do notice the wounds heal faster that way and the chance of infection is minimized.

rachel b said...

My son has only scraped his knees so far so, I will typically put a band-aid on at night with Neosporin and his pj's over top so he can't pull the band-aid off...if I put a band-aid on during the day it is off within minutes and a waste of a band-aid! said...

I don't even know where our Neosporin is. I usually use witch hazel to clean it off and a band-aid. Sounds like I need to get reorganized!

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