Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lead in Artificial Turf

Another product that kids use has a ton of lead in it. I am not surprised at this point. At least this time, it looks like something will be done to stop manufacturers from using lead in their products.

Here's the story:

An environmental watchdog group says it has found excessive amounts of lead in several brands of artificial turf. It's warning some of the biggest manufacturers and sellers that it will sue unless they recall or reformulate their products.

The report from the Center for Environmental Health comes after New Jersey officials found unacceptably high lead levels in some synthetic surfaces and federal authorities recommended lead testing on fraying sports fields. The group says it had tests performed on about 50 products, and at least 15 were found to have high lead levels. The center says it tested and found excessive lead in indoor/outdoor carpeting, artificial lawns and playground grass.

We used to have indoor/outdoor carpeting on our deck. Thankfully, we removed it before the baby started crawling. That would be a bad combination!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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