Friday, June 6, 2008

Green our Vaccines March

Jenny McCarthy and her boyfriend, Jim Carrey, marched on Washington this week sporting "green our vaccines" t-shirts. As many of you know, Jenny has a son with autism. She believes childhood immunizations played a role in his symptoms. She wants the government to change the vaccine schedule for kids. She says there are too many vaccines given to children at too young of an age. There are strong feelings on both sides of this issue.

I was sent an email stating there was a similar march in Springfield, Illinois at the same time.

Here's the ABC News Coverage of the event:

The actors have joined with other national autism advocacy groups to press for the elimination of toxins from children's vaccines and to change children's vaccination schedules.

The Institute of Medicine concluded that 19 major studies, tracking thousands of kids, all show no link between vaccines and autism. Still, thimerosal was removed from essentially all childhood vaccines in 2001 in response to autism fears. But autism rates have continued to rise, leaving many experts to consider the case against thimerosal settled.

Nearly one in every 150 children in the United States has autism, according to the organization Talk About Curing Autism, one of the march's sponsors.

McCarthy's 6-year-old son, Evan, has autism, and the actress has become a vocal advocate for more autism-related research. McCarthy's best-selling book, "Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism," chronicles her efforts to help her son overcome his symptoms through a special diet, medication and daily therapy.

Many doctors worry that linking autism to vaccines could deter parents from vaccinating their children, leading to an outbreak of childhood diseases like measles, mumps and rubella, which have been virtually delimited thanks to childhood immunization but are now threatening again.

The CDC is bracing for the worst measles outbreak since 2001, with nine states already reporting cases this year. In 2006, more than 6,500 Americans were sickened by mumps, the worst outbreak in 20 years.

McCarthy and Carrey said that while they do support immunization, they and their allies believe children receive "too many vaccines, too soon, many of which are toxic."

This march brought up a question I am often asked. What do Jenny and others mean when they say a safer vaccine schedule? I am hesitant to post the recommendations because I know it would cause a big fuss from doctors who believe there is no link between childhood immunizations and autism. All the major health organizations have stated that as a fact. Still, people who read this blog want to know what an altered immunization schedule looks like. Let me know your thoughts on whether or not I should post something!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


l.largey said...

I think you should post the alternative schedule. Many parents ( myself included ) didn't know there was such a thing. Dr Sears has a great alternative schedule. My son had 21 vaccines before the age of one. Why they cram so many in at such a tender age is beyond me. Many times children end up with health problems and allergies not noticed till over the age of one. We often just dont know if there are any underlying issues when our children are first born because thay are not always extreme. Take peanut allergy or latex allergy. Parents should have the right to slow the vaccines down and spread them out rather than giving the majority of them before the child turns 1.

Christine said...

I was at the rally and it was pretty amazing.

Thank you for blogging about it.

-Christine said...

Christine-How many people were there? Did any legislators stop and talk to the group?

Anonymous said...

Christine may have better information but over 8000 were registered. I am sure that 5000 or more were there. At one point the march stretched for over 12 blocks along Independence Ave! -Anne

Anonymous said...

Follow up

After the rally we broke into groups by state. Most states had meetings set up with the offices of their Reps and Senators. I know that Washington State met with Patty Murry's people yesterday and had a coffee with Maria Cantwell's office this morning.

It was an amazing day -Anne

Christine said...

I don't know exactly how many people were there- but it was in the thousands. My guess- about 4000. During the march the line was so long I couldn't see the beginning and the end at the same time.

There were families for all 50 states and at least 5 countries. It was amazing. So many parents put together homemade signs and shirts- they were so creative. I've been to so many autism rallies I've lost track- but I thought the people at THIS rally were EXTRA creative.

My son who is 8 tagged along and did great. He wanted to come with me to the rally. It wasn't to get out of school, because he LOVES school. The look on his face when he met Jim Carrey was priceless. He met Jenny at the DAN conference a few months ago and handed her a card he made that said "my hero", with a drawing of her.

Anyway- it was such an amazing event. I feel bad for people who couldn't attend personally. I posted photos and video- if you are interested.

I have three videos on Youtube so far. I'll have the rest up tonight.

I was pretty busy between seeing old friends, shooting, watching my son and trying not to pass out-- i didn't see a lot of politicians. But my son and I did meet with our congressman (Tim Bishop) after the rally and he said he would support the vax vs. unvax study!

Thanks for asking questions.

AHAGreen said...

Sorry about the anonymous posts, I couldn't get signed in for a minute. I guess I'm fried from all of the sun yesterday. I wanted to reply to your schedule query.

In 1983 children got 10 vaccines, now they get 36 Individual vaccines have been studied for safety (a whole new conversation here)but, no matter where you stand on individual vaccines, noone can dispute that studies have not been done on giving multiple vaccines at a time. How much of a load are we putting on an infant's fragile immune system? What are we doing to children with even a slightly compromised immune system?

This is not just an "autism" issue. It is a public health, environmental and economic issue. If a substance is considered poison in our water supply, is it not also poison in an injection?

We are asking for un-biased, un-"Pharma"-funded studies to be done. We are asking that parents be educated and we are trying to get out the word that the vaccine schedule is a suggestion not a mandate.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter --Anne

Mom in PA said...

I was also at the rally and I believe we were told there were over 8000 there if you go one youtube and search for green our vaccines their are videos of the speeches and the march. Having 2 children with autism I can agree with everything said neither of my children showed any problems until they received vaccinations. I have two beautiful children who wear locked into their own world and no one wants to figure out why and how to prevent it from happening to others

Anonymous said...

Hi there! The march was awesome!

To anyone who questions the validity of the comments made by congressmen, doctors, and yes, parents at the rally...I say, do your homework. Read the actual studies that have been done. Research the backgrounds of the authors. Find out who pays them. Data can be slanted in any direction.

I also recommend reading "Changing The Course Of Autism" by Dr. Jepson. This is an excellent book to get facts that are balanced. It is well written and thoughtful. Footnotes are detailed. I don't think that anyone should rule out the autism-vaccine connection until they have read this book and/or done their own research.

Babakey Baby Boutique said...

I to was at the rally and it was life changing. To see so many families who have been hurt from this . I made the educated choice not to vaccinate my children due to risks.I think that if we " green our vaccines" and do more research that the CDC and AAP have not done more lives will be saved. said...

I got these via email:

Elaine Chatmon said,

I am speechless about the comments about why parents came out to rally for their children. We are thankful to Jenny and Jim for not ignoring that there is a problem with the vaccines and our children. Why would anyone think all these families came all across the United States, just because they were listening to Jenny or anyone about how they feel about their child and autism. These families have been saying this for years with no one listening .We the families are not stupid or followers. We all have the same theory and the time was and will always be to let the doctors and government know that we know our children and we know they were developing normally until the shots. Why would anyone try and make us feel different accept for the thought we might be right, what is the fear? We say the children are the future. What about our children? The damages has been done to our children, you all better pray that autism do not affect your children. We are still cureless. So instead of trying to shut us up you need to want to know for your child sake,your grandchild sake and for anyone in the childbearing age sake.....

Frustrated Autism Dad said...

"What do Jenny and others mean when they say a safer vaccine schedule?"

The question was asked directly of Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. Instead of a solid answer, they gave sound bytes

Basically, no one has an asnwer for "how many is too many". That sort of empty answer is not going to interest any legislator. In fact, it will just make it look like the autism community doesn't do it's homework.

They can't answer the question because there is no answer. Autism is not vaccine injury.

Dawn said...

I, myself was injured by ONE vaccine last year - the rubella. It damaged my hearing. In fact, I now suffer from partial hearing loss AND an auditory processing disorder (learning disability at 34years old!) My hearing was perfect before this vaccine. At THE SAME TIME, my infant was suffering from high-pitched screaming, congestion, CONVULSIONS, developmental delays, and regression in milestones from just a "few" of his recommended vaccines. Looking back at my 14 yr. old's baby book, he too suffered from the same type of congestion - daily for months after his 4 mo. vaccines (it would clear later in the day and the docs didn't see a problem). Well, I cannot tell you just how much formaldehyde they both were exposed to, but IT WAS A LOT - my infant received at least 300 micrograms! Do you remember the FEMA trailers/formaldehyde exposure and what people were suffering from - respiratory illnesses and now possibly cancer!?? Formaldehyde is in half of the vaccines on the market too. Could that be why every vaccine carries the following disclaimer? Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, and Impairment of Fertility: No studies have been done. Yet, they are quite safe? It is also important to note that the EPA is considering formaldehyde to be a carcinogen. Yet, it is OK to inject it into our babies?? I actually witnessed my infant stop performing certain tasks for up to a year too! IT was the VACCINES! I also see exactly when my 14 year old's vision was damaged - at 6 mo. of age from one dose of Hep B. All of these years I thought it was due to genetics, but after going through my own nightmare last year I now see that his eyes were fine BEFORE this vaccine in the hundreds of pictures that I have. He now suffers from learning disabilities (visual processing disorder is one of them) and ADHD. Coincidence? No! In fact, I was shocked to learn that for DECADES the three leading U.S. Vaccine Policy Makers have advised the medical profession AGAINST vaccinating certain individuals with certain vaccines if they have a family history of neurological disease (ADHD, Autism, BiPolar, etc)!! They vaccinated everyone regardless! Could this be why the U.S. Dept of Education reported 1 in 67 children are now in Special Ed across the country with a form of Autism in elementary school? Yes, 1 in 67! The CDC is lying to the public. 1 in 150 was in 1994 according to the U.S. Dept of Education!! With that said, what will the numbers be 5 years from now if the Autism numbers increased over 1,000% nationally in 13 years??!! It is the vaccines - plain and simple. We are being lied to.

Dawn said...

Vaccines are not just causing Autism - but so much more. A rubella vaccine damaged my hearing last year at 34 years old. At the very same time my infant was suffering from high-pitched screaming off/on for three days, congestion (daily for several months but it would clear later in the morning), convulsions, developmental delays, and regression in milestones with just "a few" of his recommended vaccines (I refused some). I looked back at my 14 year old's baby book and could see that I noted the same type of congestion for him too after his 4 mo vaccines!! Well, they both received quite a bit of formaldehyde in their vaccines. NO WONDER WHY! Remember the FEMA trailer indicident that the CDC tried to cover up?? They are now talking about these poor people possibly developing cancer! Yet, formaldehyde is o.k. to INJECT?? I hate to say this, but every vaccine on the market now carries the following disclaimer: Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, and Impairment of Fertility: No studies have been done They don't know if they cause cancer, alter our DNA, or impair our fertility, yet they are quite SAFE?? (to view all vaccines) (page 7 to view ex. of new warning)

I spoke with vision and hearing professionals and showed them the adverse reactions to many vaccines. They were quite shocked and agreed that many learning disabilities may be adverse reactions. I can now see exactly when my 14 yr old's right eye was damaged - at 6 mo. old from one dose of Hep B. His eyes were fine in the hundreds of pictures before this vaccine. Here I was thinking it was genetics all these years. I have my before and after pictures now for proof. He also suffers from learning disabilities (a visual processing disorder is one of them) and ADHD. (page 6 for common adverse reactions with Ears/Eyes – these can definitely attribute to many learning disabilities to include the following: Dyslexia, Visual Processing Disorders, Auditory Processing Disorders, Speech/Language Impairments, etc)

Yes, the vaccines are to blame for many of society's problems. I am convinced after hearing that for decades the three leading U.S. Vaccine Policy Makers have advised the medical profession AGAINST vaccinating individuals with certain vaccines if they have a family history of neurological disease - ADHD, Autism, BiPolar, etc. They vaccinated everyone regardless. Could that be why the U.S. Dept of Education reported 1 in 67 children in elementary school have Autism?? This same agency reported 1 in 150 in 1994! Yes, the CDC is lying once again and getting away with it! Just sick!

I am done vaccinating - especially after seeing the figures reported by the CDC 1 - 5 years BEFORE each vaccine became mandated. They lied about how deadly these diseases are too.

Knight in Dragonland said...

Why they cram so many in at such a tender age is beyond me.

There is a very good reason that we in the medical field "cram" so many vaccines into the first two years of life: infants under two years old are at the highest risk for serious, life-threatening infections. For example, adults who get pertussis or diphtheria are usually only temporarily debilitated, while infants infected with those pathogens often die from airway obstruction.

Young children are also the primary carriers of infectious diseases within the community. Early immunization not only protects the individual child receiving the vaccination, it also protects EVERYONE AROUND THEM. It's called herd immunity. Therefore, those who delay or avoid vaccination endanger not only their own child, but EVERYONE AROUND THEM.

That's why we "cram" so many immunizations into the first two years of life. Please forgive us in the medical field for trying to save the lives of young infants and protect the public health.

dayoub said...

Dr Weidman's comments represent typical mantra offered by too many clinicians who have been bombarded with propaganda throughout their training. The hepatitis B vaccines kills more kids than the disease, which is acquired via sex and drug abuse, uncommon events during infancy. Lightening kills 3 times as many people as rotavirus yet there is a mandated vaccine for that. FLu shot's don't work on the vast majority, such a marginal public health policy that there was no routine vaccination for infants prior to 2004. Patent holder's are allowed to vote for their own vaccines on the CDC's advisory committees.

Please see the testimony of these parents at

photos at

Heartbreaking that there are so many victims and infuriating that the majority of pediatricians are so ignorant of the true risks and benefits of vaccines, they merely recapitulate the same myths, over and over, believing it to be the truth, yet never do the work to analyze the data critically or consider the opposing views.

RNMUM said...

Mr. Knight in Dragonland,

I'm impressed by your nobility and your desire to protect our babies. I too am in the medical field. I do not doubt your passion as I once felt how you did. Then I watched with my own medically educated eyes as my daughter almost died from a flu vaccine. She ended up with an NG tube after because of constant severe diarrhea which led to malnutrition. Eventually we were given the autism diagnosis. We are asking that the government look at the possibilty that some children are vulnerable to these vaccines, and it's these children that should have the delayed or prolonged schedules. Dr. Bernadine Healy (former director of NIH) stated this fact clearly on her CBS evening news interview a few weeks ago. My daughter was clearly one of the vulnerable children as she started with symptoms of RAD(asthma) at 6 months of age and anaphylactic food allergies at 7 months of age. Her peds doc insisted she needed this flu shot to protect her b/c of her asthma. Now if you look at the influenza fact sheet given by the CDC, they state the vaccine is contraindicated for a child whose had multiple "wheezing" episodes before age 5 or a child who allergies. Also, my peds doc insisted that my son(who was 7 at the time) have a flu vaccine b/c it would protect his sister from being exposed. After that vaccine his mild asthma became severe asthma for 8 months. He was on adult doses of asthma meds and the pulmonary doc couldn't figure out why his lung function was equivalent to an 80yr old smoker. So Mr. Knight please don't write all of us concerned parents off. We have valid, legitimate concerns. Instead, I would urge you to educate yourself on all points of view and please read the book "Changing the Course of Autism" By Dr. Jepson.

Anonymous said...

The challenge for the media is to start scrutinizing the research and not just repeat the standard messaging about the IOM study which was flawed and not an independent study. Thousands of families went to DC to ask for greening the vaccines. Thimersol is still in vaccines. It was not "removed" in 2001, only recommended. Go to the CDC website and you can see all of the ingredients for all of the vaccines. Aluminum is the new toxin we need to be concerned about. Parents need to stagger vaccines, and if autoimmune diseases run in their family (allergies, asthma, etc) then they should not vaccinate until they test their child for mitochondrial dysfunction and glutathione dysfuntion. As Jenny said, "We don't want any more parents to join our club!" We obviously need much more independent research on the autism epidemic, but until that happens-- read read read and become educated as a parent.

Anonymous said...

I really like how the media feeds on people's ignorance with childhood diseases like measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox. They were once common and rarely deadly when treated properly. Actually, most deaths occur from secondary infections, not from the disease itself.
Most people also don't realize that the vaccines are live viruses that the child sheds for up to 3 days or longer after being vaxed and that it's the recently vaxed children who cathch the diseases and actually spread the viruses to others and pose the most "threat" to the community *sigh* but the media blames the "outbreaks" on people not vaxing their children and make them out to be far worse than they really are, a childhood disease meant to be caught in childhood to give you life long immunity and help your body in so many more ways and it's not very smart to supress them.

Dawn said...

Parents need to stagger vaccines? Why on earth would you give your baby even one when they all have the following disclaimer on the package insert: Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, and Impairment of Fertility: No studies have been done. That is INSANE. Many doctors filed reports with VAERS for A.L.L. Leukemia. The docs felt the vaccine(s) was to blame! Even if they do "green them" - are we going to trust them ever again after the recent Vioxx scandal which killed over 60,000 innocent people? What about Heparin?

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