Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun, Educational things for kids this summer

My oldest son's birthday isn't until September so he's the oldest kid in his class. That always makes me feel like I need to push him more academically than he is being pushed in school. Otherwise, he'll be behind for his age. So, I think this information that gives parents ways to stimulate your child's mind without sitting them down at a desk is interesting.

There is an article looking at the program on

The National Center for Family Literacy has created fun lessons that use the dramatic arts to boost learning during the summer break. Dancing, writing poetry, producing a talent show, creating plays - all of these activities can build vocabulary, reading, writing and spelling skills.

The curriculum guide and student journal are available for free download at NCFL's website. They include step-by-step instructional units in the dramatic arts (drama and plays, dance, poetry, dramatic and story reading, and music). Activities were created as a result of scientifically based reading research and are provided for a five-week period.

Each unit includes daily instructional activities blocked in two hour periods. These tools and others, which are available for free as a result of funding from The UPS Foundation can be found at Family community literacy.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Maria said...

We're going to DC for two weeks. I have to work, but the evenings and weekend are ours to play and explore. Plus, hubby will have The Boy all day long to go to museums, etc. said...

My husband and I went to D.C. a couple years ago and absolutely loved it. I hope you have a fabulous time! We are still contemplating whether to vacation this summer. We went to Disney last fall with the kids and it was such a blast. I am wondering if we should just save up to do that again instead of going somewhere this summer. I don't know. It took $70.00 to fill up the van this week. Can any of us save money right now?

Meg said...

Thanks for sharing this summer curriculum with your readers. Hope it gives families some fun (and educational) things to do this summer!

Meg Ivey
National Center for Family Literacy

Thomas said...

Thanks for the resource link. Never knew it existed. Just goes to tell you a teacher doesn't know everything.

Some of this would be good resource for my kids, but also the classroom as well.

Thanks again. said...

Someone send me the link Thomas. I was to check it out further too. My son needs to do a little bit better job with his letters before school starts.

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