Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boys Vs. Girls

I was talking to a friend of mine who has a little girl who is four-years-old and we were cracking up thinking of how boys and girls can be so different.

GIRL: She said her daughter tries on 10 outfits a day. She said she is constantly asking her to put her clothes away because she doesn't want to wash clean clothes that are in a pile on the floor. She likes all kinds of outfits, especially ones that have a matching pattern.

BOY: My four-year-old son does not like getting dressed. I have to pressure him to do it every day. It is a constant argument. He will only wear jeans or casual shorts and a t-shirt. Occasionally he will wear a polo or sweater (if it has a cartoon character on it.)

GIRL: It was raining and there was a little girl walking in front of us. She gently tip toed around a big puddle of water.

BOY: My son was behind her. What did he do? He let go of my hand so he could stomp in the water and get us all wet!

GIRL: My neighbors cute little two year old girl cried for at least 10 minutes this weekend after my 15 month old boy walked up and smacked her in the face for no reason.(why do they do that at this age?)

BOY:My 15 month old boy has bruises all over his face. Really, my husband asked me what I did to him when he came home the other day. But the little guy rarely cries when he falls down. Sometimes he makes a pouty face, but he just keeps on playing.

I am sure you have some examples of your own. Please share!

And here's a fun link looking at the real differences between boys and girls(It's about how we digest alcohol, but still interesting)!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Maria said...

My son is crazy wild. Our friends daughter prefers to read books. The difference in activity level is remarkable, but my son is like I was and our friends daughter like my husband. LOL!

Michael Davis said...

To be honest, Jen, I don't think things ever really change. I still hate getting dressed, as most adult males do. If we could get away with walking around in boxers all day, we would.

Girls, on the other hand, are still taking their time to dress up. Instead of jumping in puddles, we get big trucks to drive through them, and as for the bruises, well those just come with the territory sometimes.

You know what they say, though? Opposites do attract...

newsanchormom.com said...

Maria- so you guys are the opposite. Too funny!

And Michael, yes it seems opposites do attract. Thanks for the male perspective!

ct said...

the really seems more stereotypical to me; boys and girls act they way we influence them to act - they way we were influenced to act. it is not unusual though to find children who don't operate like robots.

if your daughter smashed into that puddle, you'd scold her for not being lady like, whereas you just shake your head when your son does it, almost expecting it; if you flipped it and saw your son tiptoeing around the puddle, ugly names like wussy would probably be uttered.

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