Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Aluminum in Flu Shots?

I just got this question from a newsanchormom.com reader:

"Jen- I'd like to throw a question out there... I thought I had heard one time there is aluminum in flu shots? "

I think I know the answer to this, but I would rather the doctors discuss this because I am not an expert!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


SallyN said...

There is aluminum in more than just the flu shot! (Actually, I don't recall offhand if it IS in the flu shot, but it is found in many vaccines.)

There's an article on this topic, written by Dr. Robert Sears (son of Dr. William Sears) in a recent issue of Mothering Magazine.

Personally, my daughter only gets one shot at a time. My initial reasoning was that it would be less taxing on her young immune system, and if she did have any reactions, we'd know which vaccine was the culprit. After reading the article I linked above, I felt even more confident in this decision.

dayoub said...

There is no significant aluminum in flu shots, but a trace amount is in almost everything we consume including medicines.

The big doses are in HepB, HepA, HiB, DTaP, Prevnar, various combo vaccines.

Limiting vaccine exposure to 1 shot is better than multiples, but does not guarantee no adverse reaction....see the FDA website for samples of adverse events, including SIDS and autism, after single shots.

Anonymous said...

There is aluminum in most, if not ALL shots!
In fact, it is the main ingredient in all vaccines. If you don't believe me, just read the inserts, you can google them online. Most shots say you have to shake them to mix the aluminum before injection.
You can have a hair analysis done on your child to find the levels in their system. I'm willing to bet, they are high if they have been vaxed and this is also causing harm to our children along with not just mercury.
Aluminum is a neuro toxin directly related to Alzheimers disease.

Anonymous said...


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