Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Prepaing for the new sibling

CNN ran this story this week about preparing kids for a new sibling. I thought is was only fitting to pass along the information and find out how your family prepared for a new baby.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers may have a tough time adjusting to a new baby brother or sister. A new baby can be big adjustment for an older brother or sister. “He's been the only one with us for over two years and we have been giving him so much attention. and to bring home a baby, and that kind of one-on-one environment, was a little fearful,” said one parent.

Pediatrician Michelle Tang Day says it's not unusual for parents to be concerned about the transition. The child who once used to be the center of mom and dad's universe now has to share the spotlight a little bit. so jealously is something that is not uncommon. she has some advice for parents: “It's important to make sure routines are set before the arrival of the new baby. Any big changes: potty training, you know, transferring out of the crib, to make sure those are done well in advance of the baby's arrival.”

Experts tell parents not to be surprised if the older child regresses and to be sure to set aside time for him every day to help him feel special.

My eldest son was and still is very jealous of his little brother. The babysitter said she was holding the baby and my older child ran up and sat on her lap and said, "I'm jealous. You don't hold me anymore." Then, the baby started pushing the four-year-old away.

And when I am giving the older one a hug, the younger one always runs up and grabs my leg. So, it goes both ways in our house!

How about you? Do your older kids get jealous when you pay attention to the younger ones or vice versa?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


rachel b said...

My two year old son doesn't like it when other kids, or adults for that matter, talk to his 3 month old sister. At first I thought he was being mean to her, but after he shoos everyone else away, he rubs her head and gives her a kiss. He's come along way, as he would ask me to put her in the bassinet whenever I was holding her when she first came home!

I don't know that there is a good way to prepare kids for a sibling, especially if they've been an only child! We read books, bought him a baby doll, showed him her room, etc. But how do you prepare a kid to share the spotlight? That was the hardest part for my son – having to share mom and dad’s attention, as well as anyone else who came over.

It's funny because my spoiled little Chihuahua reacted very similarly when we brought my son home!

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