Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Indoor Tanning Beds

We talked about the dangers of indoor tanning beds a few weeks ago on WHOI and I just realized I never posted anything on my blog. If you have teenagers, this is something to mention to them.

Dermatologist Dr. Carl Soderstrom did a live interview during our 5pm newscast and mentioned the American Academy of Dermatology says "indoor tanning is out." The rays your teenagers get when they tan are just as likely to cause cancer as the sun. I know I thought it was so cool to have a bronze tan all summer. I even worked as a lifeguard. I should really check my moles.

Anyway, here's a story on ABC with all the details on the dangers of tanning beds.

I hope you had a great Memorial Day and remembered to wear sunscreen. I only remembered to put it on one of my kids. Bad mom.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


John said...

Seems you and many others are missing the point when it comes to UV exposure, more facts can be found at www.uvtalk.com if you want to further your education n the topic.

newsanchormom.com said...

I do not like posting spam John, but since the website is real I went ahead. I want readers to know the site looks like something to help the tanning bed companies fight off bad publicity. However, I don't know for sure. Therefore, you can read it and decide for yourself.

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