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Gardasil Vaccine Warning

At the Autism One Conference a couple moms talked to me about the Gardasil vaccine to prevent HPV. They were concerned about the side effects. Today at the television station, we ran this story from the medical company Medstar:

Recently, the CDC reported that, in the last two years, more than 450 youngsters fainted after getting a vaccination. That may explain why some teeangers are taking a new position on the HPV vaccine.

When 13-year-old Lauren Breidigam had a vaccination to prevent cervical cancer, she got more than the typical pain, redness and swelling at the injection site. She conked out. Lauren Beidigam said, "I remember feeling her put the band aid on and then I just went."

Heather Breidigam said, "It was almost like she didn't have a bone in her body and she started to twitch and I had said to the nurse, I said 'oh my gosh, she's out, she's out cold.'" That surprised both Breidigams. They didn't see fainting listed as a side effect on their patient information sheet. It wasn't until after the incident that heather saw it mentioned on the vaccine company's website.

Heather Breidigam said, "I wish, as a parent, I would have known that. I think I would have been a little more prepared." Researchers aren't sure why, but about 10 percent of girls in studies for the vaccine got dizzy or passed out after the shot. Dr. Larry Glazerman said, "That was in both patients receiving vaccine and placebo. the incidence was about the same. so again, is it because you're coming at an adolescent girl with a needle? I don't know, but it certainly might be."

To be safe rather than sorry, doctors are proposing an easy solution. Dr. Larry Glazerman said, "The recommendation as a result of this, is pretty simple. just that you give them a vaccine either sitting down or lying down and you watch them for 15 or 20 minutes just to make sure that they don't have any significant reaction." The vaccine is given in a series of three shots. lauren has two more to go. And, now all the wiser, she'll be prepared. She plans to take them lying down. The Gardasil vaccine protects against HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer and genital warts.

It's recommended for girls ages 9 to 26. For more information and a full list of side effects go to the drug company's website at

You can also find more in depth information about this story on WHOI.

Where do you stand on this controversy?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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Knight in Dragonland said...

People, when poked with needles, sometimes pass out. This is a well documented phenomenon. It's a bit more common with blood draws where a vein is actually punctured, but it can also happen with IM injections. For those who are particularly anxious, even the sight of a needle can evoke a vasovagal response resulting in syncope - aka fainting. I had a mom nearly pass out last week just from watching her son get his kindergarten vaccinations.

This is NOT news. This has NOTHING to do with autism. This is NOT a reason to avoid the Gardasil vaccination. If you're worried about you or your child passing out, sit down for 15-20 minutes after getting ANY injection or blood draw.

Anonymous said...

Without intending to sound like a prude (i'm not) rather than injecting toxins into our children hoping" they "might" prevent "some types" of cancers that "might" be sexually related/passed. Shouldn't we be teaching our kids not to have sex unless they are ready for parenthood? Theis Gardasil vaccine was tested in 3rd world countries where they resulted in spontaneous abortion and death. Other North American reactions have our precious children dying with hours, becoming paralysed, feelings of numbness in the extremities etc. This is yet another cash cow for Big Pharma. It does not prevent Cancer. And now they plan to market the same vaccine to our Boys!

Anonymous said...

Without intending to sound like a prude (i'm not) rather than injecting toxins into our children hoping" they "might" prevent "some types" of cancers that "might" be sexually related/passed. Shouldn't we be teaching our kids not to have sex unless they are ready for parenthood? Theis Gardasil vaccine was tested in 3rd world countries where they resulted in spontaneous abortion and death. Other North American reactions have our precious children dying with hours, becoming paralysed, feelings of numbness in the extremities etc. This is yet another cash cow for Big Pharma. It does not prevent Cancer. And now they plan to market the same vaccine to our Boys!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is 14 and suffering from a severe reaction to the HPV and Meningitis vaccines which she received in October of 2007, three days before her 14th birthday.

She had 2 sets of seizures at the time she received the vaccines and now she suffers from chronic joint pain in her knees and periodic numbness on her left side (hand, arm, face, etc.) She has always been an accelerated learner with an outstanding memory and straight A student in honors classes with little effort. She did not have t study often as she picked things up right away when they were introduced to her. After her vaccinations we have noticed a change in her short term memory, it is just not as sharp as it has always been.

She now has to study things over and over again to have them stick in her memory. She is also a competitive soccer player who has to deal with the pain every time she is on the field. It has affected her play and that hurts her emotionally.

She is now under the care of a pediatric orthopedic specialist who has ruled out any type of physical injury in her knees. He now believes that it may be displaced pain from nerve damage elsewhere such as the spine. We are currently waiting for results from an MRI.

Thousands of adverse reactions are now being reported to VEARS and yet the CDC and APA stand by the notion that these vaccines are safe. What is it going to take for them to realize that they are not necessarily safe and there are normal, healthy children suffering from adverse reactions after receiving these vaccines?

After researching the HPV vaccine I learned that it does not prevent cervical cancer it prevents two forms of the HPV virus that can cause cervical cancer, yet it is being marketed as a cervical cancer vaccine. Most HPV clears on it's own with in two years. Also, it was tested on less than 1200 girls between the age of 9 and 11. There are no statistics on how long the vaccine works for (they are saying maybe only 3-5 years) or if it has any long term effects on the reproductive system.
There just is not enough known about it yet.

I would never tell someone to vaccinate or don't vaccinate. I would just hope that parents will educate themselves and make an informed decision as to what is right for their child.

My daughter's new motto is, "Be one less to be injured by vaccines" (A play off of the Gardasil commercial,"Be one less".
She is in chronic pain every day because I thought that I was doing the right thing as a mother.

During the filming, Emillee just broke down sobbing saying that she has to deal with it everyday and she just wants to be normal again. That was a heart crushing moment for my husband and myself.

Emillee wants to share her story so that she can help others avoid injury from vaccines. I support her 100% and also want to be an advocate since I feel as though it was my uneducated decision to have her vaccinated with two vaccines that have not even been tested together yet the CDC states that they are safe to administer together) which lead to the chronic pain that she now suffers.


There have been multiple deaths and a huge number of vaccine injuries reported from the HPV vaccine.

The packet insert for this vaccine clearly states that there are some serious side effects including increased risk of appendicitis among other things!

The most chilling thing is there have been ZERO studies on how this vaccine will affect reproductive health.

People need to take a cold hard look at what is injected into themselves and thier children.

They also need to cut out all financial kick back Drs get for vaccines, and the laws need to change giving parents more control on the decision of what vaccines their kids receive. As it stand now the government feels they have the right to mandate how people raise their kids.

Drs also need to be forced into a legal responsibility to report anything that seems to be a vaccine injury----I don't know if you know this but most vaccine injuries go unreported.


One thing you mention that needs to be clarified it the "placebo" in vaccine tries is often a toxic mix of chemicals that trigger the immune system. There is no real placebo used in these studies thus making them faulty / biased from the start.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dr Glazerman wasn't aware that the HPV vaccine WASN'T tested on teenage girls, the population that it is being reccomended for.
The testing population was 18 and above, so that rather shoots a big whole in his theory, I think!

I find it incredible that, once AGAIN, a manufacturer can get fast-track approval for a vaccine with such shoddy testing. If they had tested it on the ACTUAL teen poulation they are targeting, then they could compare apples to apples. But NO vaccine company wants anyone to be able to compare real figures and do the math - because then the adverse reaction picture would be obvious for all to see.

And they are also trying to get approval to target teen boys with this vaccine - although last I checked, boys do not HAVE a cervix! And exactly how many boys do they expect to actually test? Why test any? They already have FDA approval, right?

My daughter will be ONE LESS getting Gardasil.

I'm disabled due to a Td reaction in 2003, brachial plexus neuritis, which caused muscle atrophy, nerve damage, RSD, central sensitization and led to implantation of a spinal cord stimulator to control my chronic pain. Adverse vaccine events happen more often than the public is informed of, and they are often catastrophic for those involved. The medical field, Big Pharma and the FDA/CDC are complicit in trying to keep this quiet so as not to alarm the sheep , who they need to continue on the vaccination merry-go-round.

Each new vaccine is another source of income, and each vaccine injury victime is a real bonanza, as they will require extensive care and most likely multiple medications.

It's hard to believe til you've seen it first-hand, then there's no denying it. Casualties DON'T matter to these people.

Anonymous said...

work in N OB/gyn office, we no longer administer this vaccine because of the passing out/seizures that have occured. We will give a script to obtain elsewhere, but we will NOT give it.

Anonymous said...

-my daughter Stormy is 15 y/o she had the first hpv shot 2/11/08, she
also had the meningococcal vaccine at the same time.she didn't have
many problems at
first sore arm and I didn't put the two together until later .her side effects
started. dizzy, fainting,headache most of the time,tingling in
arms legs now a constant pain in legs and ribs,she says a popping
feeling in her blood veins where her arms bend,neck pain, tired,her
eyes have pain and will flutter and look up other things to she would
keep getting one thing after another been to five ER's all test was
negative.She is constantly in pain. I'm so frustrated.
when the problems started she would scream in pain her chest was the
worst pain ( mommy
mommy, it hurts mommy, mommy it hurts make it stop mommy please make
it stop mommy mommy mommy) tears running down she would be laying
with her arms stiff at her sides one ER gave
her a shot for pain,the clinic we go to will give her the toridol
shot when she's hurting more than the pain she has all the time now.
then the fainting it just happens and she falls so hard just drops
seven times in one day ,she doesn't move anything for about two
minutes no matter what, when she comes through she is crying and cant
lift her head up,Stormy say's her head fills empty and heavy . on our
second to last visit to an ER
before he even started I said I believe it's a side effect from
Gardasil he said no that isn't a side effect and smirked. I cried I
was so frustrated we had a few other words back and forth, I had
Stormy get ready and we left. sometimes every joint in her body hurts
even the arch of her feet hurt
and her spine hurts, Stormy has chronic stomach pain . I don't know
what to do to relieve the pain. I cant
imagine what she is going through. her ribs hurting constantly is a
tuff one she cant get comfortable on either side and is so
frustrating, when she is trying to go to sleep sometimes she just
cries. the pain between her ribs is an ache pain sometimes its a
stabbing pain.The fainting or passing out is at least one time every
day we believe the most in one day was eight times but really we lost

Anonymous said...

My daughter received teh Gardasil vaccine at her 11 y.o. physical exam on 1/22/08. She did not pass out but felt "funny" in her words. She is a competitive gymnast and at practice an hour later became very dizzy and lightheaded, weak. Since then she has (fatigue, chronic stomach pain in upper abdomen, roaming muscle aches that last for days, hypersensitivity in her upper arms, weakness in muscles, difficulty breathing with exertion. This has been chronic since January. All medical tests come back negative accept for a positive ANA which concurs that her body had some type of inflammation in it. She has been on Neurontin since March which has helped some. Specialists have no idea as to what's causing these symptoms.NOone will say that it's an adverse reaction to the shot. All they can attempt to do is treat the symptoms of the day. The National Vaccine Information Center (I reported her adverse reactions to them) do believe it is from the Gardasil and have commented that they receive numerous complaints about Gardasil reactions. My daughter only received the first shot and will not receive the other two.
Anne in Maryland said...

If you are hainvg trouble posting, email me at newsanchormom at gmail dot com. Here's a comment I got today on this story:

The passing out (or syncope) described in the Gardasil reactions, in spite of the dissemination to the contrary in the medical and lay press is NOT the same as "vasovagal" reactions that can occur because of an emotional, fear response to pain or anxiety. These reactions are typically occurring hours, days and sometimes weeks after vaccines and are indicative of serious autonomic dysregulation. My best guess is this is a reaction to aluminum in the vaccine, which is a known toxin to the cholinergic nervous system and is taken up by nerve tissue that regulates blood pressure, etc.

Aluminum is used in vaccines as an adjuvant but some say is not even necessary. It has not undergone safety testing prior to use, just like thimerosal. The first adequate study done to test the effects of aluminum in doses comparable to that given to young adults was published last year at the U of British Columbia, (Petrik, et al) and after the examined mice who got the exact same aluminum found in Gardasil, it was shown to kill brain cells and spinal cord cells.......
Gardasil reactions and aluminum reactions both share many common features including poor muscle tone, weakness, bone and joint pain, pallor, cyanosis, etc. Oddly, and not surprisingly, there is a condition known as Hypotonic-Hyporesponsive syndrome that the AAP acknowledges as a vaccine reaction to DTaP, HEpB or HiB vaccines (all loaded with aluminum) in infancy, and this is basically aluminum toxicity but the AAP hasn't quite let go of the "gee, we don't know what causes it" mantra they use so well and so often.

Why didn't the preclinical licensure studies pick up these reactions with Gardasil? Ahh, the devil is in the details, and most doctors don't read these studies critically enough to pick up the tricks. When researchers compared vaccine reactions (acute only, they never look long-term) they looked at the group of girls who got Gardasil vs those that got a placebo. The placebo group should have been given saline or water shots, something totally benign. Instead the devils put aluminum in the placebo, which is the most toxic component anyway. SO when those that got Gardasil with aluminum were compared with those who got aluminum only......gosh no difference. SO the researchers concluded that all was safe! The FDA, best regulators money can buy!

for more:

I wrote this piece online at :

And I finally agree with Dr Weidman.....Gardasil doesn't have anything to do with autism

david ayoub, md

Shannon said...

Jen- I'd like to throw a question out there... I thought I had heard one time there is aluminum in flu shots? Hoping Dr. Weidman or someone else could answer that.

I don't think anyone said there was a connection between Gardasil and autism, did they? I must have missed that part, but I respectfully disagree that this is not news. This shot is being recommended for very young girls and I think parents need to be better educated before they make their decision. It's also been discussed in many states as a possibility for the "required" list for schools, and that should certainly be on every parent's radar. I'm stunned at how many people seem surprised to hear the shot does not protect against cervical cancer, but the earlier versions of the "one less" commercials certainly made you think that. They've revised the language now, but the message has already been established. said...

I have been sent some links via email on this topic:

Women in Government, Merck's Trojan Horse: Part Three in a Series on the Politics and PR of Cervical Cancer
Submitted by Judith Siers-Poisson on Tue, 07/10/2007 -
In parts one and two of this four part series, "Setting the Stage", and "Research, Develop, and Sell, Sell, Sell", we've looked at the basic facts of Human papillomavirus (HPV) and its link to cervical cancer, and the Merck vaccine Gardasil that is touted as the first ever vaccine against cancer. We examined the PR and marketing push for Gardasil that began even before FDA approval, and two non-profit organizations that helped Merck exploit their current corner on the HPV vaccine market.

In this article, we'll analyze the push for mandated HPV vaccination of adolescent girls that is taking place at the state level throughout the U.S., and the non-profit organization, Women in Government (WIG). WIG has been Merck's non-profit front and direct channel to state-level legislators who are the key to enacting mandates.
here's the full article

Here's the second article I was sent:
American preteen girls have been designated to pay the price by exposing their bodies to risks of harm.

Condoms remain the safest (and cheapest) method for preventing sexually
transmitted diseases. But the pharmaceutical / biomedical industry is Hell
bent on marketing more profitable invasive methods.

Merck has financed an aggressive lobbying campaign on behalf of its new
Gardasil vaccine for human papilloma virus (HPV), carried out by
professional lobbyists and by Women in Government, an organization of state

Women in Government are trying to pass legislation in every state that would
force 11 year old girls to be vaccinated, or be prevented from going to

Anonymous said...

My daughter has had 2 doses of the vaccine and has had no problems. Cervical cancer runs in our family and if there is a remote chance that we can prevent it for her we will. I think the risks in vaccines out weighs the potential outcome.

Patricia said...

Are you kidding me? The stupid doctor can't find the difference between the vaccine and the placebo because they put the same poison in both. That's right- aluminum in both. That's how the skewed the trials. The girls aren't just nervous about shots- wake up! They're being aluminum poisoned! It's a neurotoxin!

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