Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kid's sleep questions

If your kids aren't sleeping through the night, you're not alone! I have an interview set up with pediatric sleep specialist Dr. Sarah Zalleck next Tuesday (4/22/08). This is your chance to get some answers and some suggestions. Just post your sleep questions as a comment and I will get her opinion next week. If you have already emailed me questions, I will take those with me as well. Lets hope we all get some sleep soon!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Maria said...

How big of a role does parental expectations play in sleep problems-- or perceived sleep problems?

What can and/or should be done to help parents better understand sleep? The differences between breastfed and formula fed baby's sleep? And to set realistic expectations of sleep for various age groups? said...

Awesome questions Maria-thanks!

Maria said...

No problem. In re-reading that last jumble, I thought I had better write what I was thinking not what I said. LOL!

What can and/or should be done to help parents:
-- better understand sleep?
-- better understand the differences between breastfed and formula fed baby's sleep? (i.e. differences to expect)
-- to set realistic expectations of sleep for various age groups?

Jennifer said...

I have older kids (not babies) but I still have questions.
How much sleep does an early teen (ages 13-14) need? (I think they still need 9-10 hours but bedtime is getting harder to control as they get older).
My son is a mouth breather, does that effect sleep? said...

Jennifer, my son just had his tonsils taken out particially because he's a mouth breather. Great question!

L. Trent said...

My daughter, who just turned 10 months old, has started to really fight her naps. It is difficult to get her to relax and settle down enough to let herself fall asleep. She ends up standing up in her crib, throwing her pacifier over, and crying or babbling, etc. I go back in her room and try to lay her down, but she just gets more upset. I know she is tired and needs her two naps because she rubs her eyes, yawns, and shows me that she is tired. She is starting to get really over tired which effects her night time sleep too. This afternoon I ended up nursing her to sleep. I really hate to start doing that again because she became so attached to nursing to sleep in the past and this caused problems. Any advice for a weary mom?!? Thanks!

Maria said...

L. -- Not answering your question, but I wanted to give you an internet hug. I was nursing my son to sleep for quite a while, and I tried to change that several times during the first year. Now I'm at the "it works for me" stage (16 months), and I probably nurse him to sleep half of the time... maybe a little more than half. I let him decide-- if he asks to nurse to sleep, I let him. If he just wants a snuggle, I go with that. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

My nephew will be 4 years old in May and has a habit of sleeping on the floor. He goes to sleep in his bed but during the night he moves to the floor. He's not falling off the bed because he moves his pillow and blanket with him. My sister has tried putting him back in his bed but he will just move back to the floor. We are concerned that he is not getting a good night sleep because of all the moving around. Should she continue to wake him up to put him back in his bed or let him sleep on the floor?? Any other suggestions?

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