Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Waiting in line at Disney

I have three friends planning trips to Disney World in the next few weeks and they need your help! They all have young children and are worried about standing in long lines with them.

My pediatrician suggested bringing flash cards because they're small and can fit into a purse or bag easier. She suggested getting new ones your kids haven't seen before. Something new is definitely a good idea in my opinion. I know my 4-year-old loves anything he hasn't seen before.

Here's a question from a NewsAnchorMom.com reader:

"The only thing I have found so far for keeping a toddler occupied in line is snacks and bubbles... But there's gotta be some other ideas."

I also did a post a while back on Disney Vacation Tips that has more information on cost saving strategies during a Disney trip.

What are your suggestions for keeping little ones occupied in line? What are your tips for having a great Disney vacation?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Anonymous said...

I am a huge Disney fan!! I love it, cant wait to go back, even have a disney credit card where my rewards are "disney dollars." You get a disney dollar for every 100 you spend. Doesnt sound like much but over the past 2 years ive gotten maybe 140? that can be used from hotels, restaurants, tickets etc. Go buy one of the "underground" disney books which gives you tons of tips and cost saving ideas and time saving as well. You also learn about things that aren't as well known at disney plus gives reviews of all the rides and restaurants!

Anonymous said...

If memory serves, I believe a friend of mine told me that they purchased a speed pass, or fast pass (you get the idea) so they wouldn't have to stand in lines. I was so impressed by this, and if it is available when we go, we will definitely purchase it.

Diane Vespa said...

A blow up beach ball, a spray bottle that you can fill with water, toy cars for the boys, ziploc snack bags of cheerios and raisins, and my personal favorite: unopened, stashed away happy meal toys ;)

Anonymous said...

We love Disney, my 6 year old has been there 7 times. We play Simon says and I spy while waiting in lines to pass the time.
My husband and I also take our cell phones and sometimes take turns waiting in lines while the other takes our child to see the characters or play on Winnie the pooh's playground.

Anonymous said...

You actually don't purchase the fast pass.....its like what you have at 6 flags. you go to a line thats incredibly long, push a button and it gives you a time to go back....You can ride a ride with a shorter line and then once you are done your time is ready and you walk to the front of the line at the one you had a fast pass for

Shannon said...

We were at Disneyland almost 3 years ago and are planning a day trip there again in about a month.

The last time we were there, they had instituted the Fast Pass system - and no, we did not pay anything for it. Like a previous poster said, you just get your fast pass and it tells you what time to come back to get in the much shorter and faster "fast pass" line. If memory serves, you can get 2-3 fast passes at a time, but no more. (You swipe your park ticket to get it, I believe?) It's not just a great way to avoid long lines, but always to budget your time there in general.

It's actually a great system. The last time we were there we had a 4-yr. old, 2-yr. old, and 6-month old and I don't remember any problems with long lines. (oh, except at the Mickey house but that was it...)

Snacks are also good. But remember this too - it's Disney. I mean, there is stuff to look at and see and be entertained with EVERYWHERE. If the line is too long, try something else... it will likely get better!

(And p.s. - take your own water bottle/fan thingy. If you end up wanting one there, they're about $20 a pop. Probably not a biggie at this time of year, but an absolute necessity if you go to Orlando in the summer months.)

Dan D. said...

Jen...we lived in Florida for almost 20 years, and probably went to Disneyworld 40-50 times. (When you live in Florida, you start getting visits from relatives you didn't even know you had!! LOL) Start by going to the BACK of the park and work your way forward. The lines are a LOT shorter that way, since everybody normally starts at the FRONT and works their way back. That might help people with little kids, since they won't have to wait in line so long..and, will get right into the attractions. Just an idea. Also, if possible , go down during April or October. Lots less kids and families, cause school's still in session. Less crowded. We're planning to take a trip down to Disneyworld again next year with our son and his wife. She's 39 years old, and has never been there!!! That oughta be fun.

MamaGinaB said...

We are going in June and we are using www.tourguidemike.com to help us! He charges $21.95, but gives the BEST info about where the most tourists will be on which dates and tells you to go opposite the crowds. Several of my friends have used this and HIGHLY recommended it to us. We have based our whole vacation on this website, since it seems to be completely legit! Have fun on your trips!!!

newsanchormom.com said...

You guys are good! I should have posted this story before we went to Disney in December! I really like the ideas-Jen

Stephanie LH Calahan said...

There are a lot of great posts here. I don't have additional comments about how to survive the lines, but do want to share something to think about.

When my first son was 3-years-old we took him to an amusement park that has many characters roaming the park. When we were in the ticket line, one of the characters was out and about and we waved him/her over. Just as we were under the ticket vestibule, the character came over. We were so excited and thought that our son would love it. Instead, he screamed louder than I have ever heard before then or since. He was terrified. Since we were under the cover the sound bounced all over the place too! :-)

It took us almost 20 minutes to calm him down. We had to go the other way any time we saw a character coming close for the majority of the day.

The good news is that by the time the day was over he was fine and understood that he was not in danger and could hug the characters and have a good time.

When we took our younger son to a park with characters, we made sure to see them from a distance first. No screaming the second time around!

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