Wednesday, March 5, 2008

School Gun Threats

I was startled when I came in to work today and found out there was gun threat at a local school, known for great academics and a lot of parental support. It turns out no gun was found, but the school had to go on lock down as a precaution. It is nerve wracking to think this could easily happen at my child's school. I know the thought has to go through the minds of other parents. Yes, security has been stepped up since Columbine, but so has violence. There is really no way to know which school could be attacked.

What are your thoughts about school violence? What do you think needs to be done to protect kids?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


steven edward streight said...

Older kids, like college and high school students, need to learn how to attack the shooter.

Throwing books at him, screaming and charging, tackling, confusing the gunmen. Where are the big burly football players when a shooter enters the school?

If enough people jump and swarm him, it could reduce lives lost. Rather my son ran toward the shooter than jump out a window.

But are we to be shocked at the school violence when the most popular games and films are ultra-violent?

Grand Theft Auto and slasher films have some connection to a misanthropic wave of killing in the hearts of ill-bred brutes.

Many times there is a satanic and anti-Christian agenda working in the shooters.

tsheets said...

Constantly viewing graphic violence must desensitize us a bit, but I just don't buy into the theory that it causes people to spring into action. If that were the case, then where *are* the people taking on the gunman like you also see in the action movies?

Personally, I think it's a combination of coddling and lack of discipline.

People need to be held responsible for their actions, not blame it on a movie or game. And who cares what religion they are?

Dan said...

The worst thing we ever did in school was talk in class or chew gum. I have friends who are teachers, and some of the stories they tell about what goes on in school these days is almost unbelievable. Glad I'm not a kid in school in this day and age. said...

I just cringed reading your thoughts on the football player who should stand up to the shooter. I guess that's a great concept as long as your son isn't football player! I wouldn't want my son to risk his life. I'd want him to jump out the window. Most of these shooters have mental disabilities. It's not like you can reason with them as you see in movies. I don't know the solution, but people are bound to get killed if they swarm the shooter.

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