Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Human Growth Hormone

From CNN:

A new study suggests human growth hormone may not have the athletic benefits some believe. In fact, it may even harm athletic performance.

Doctors at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center did a study on HGH. They found those who took it didn't get any stronger or increase their stamina. The hormone even made some subjects tired. Doctors say those on HGH did put on a few pounds of muscle, but health officials say it may just be fluid buildup.

Human growth hormone is one of the performance-enhancing drugs allegedly abused by major league baseball players.

Here's more on the debate of whether or not HGH is legal.
The Human Growth Foundation looks at the traditional use of HGH to help children of small stature.

It seems like every week I hear about kids in high school doing things to their bodies to make them better athletes. Sports seems to mean everything. I guess it has to do with college scholarships?? I am stressed out just thinking about when my kids get to high school. What do you think about kids taking HGH to become better athletes?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Maria said...

I don't think the pressure is college scholarships, though that might play a part for a small percentage of high school athletes. Athletics and being "the stud" (or studette)... ego... pressure to be the best... those things weigh more on younger athletes than that looming potential for a college scholarship, which only a small percentage of athletes in any sport receive.

As for HGH-- of all people, my husband WOULD have been the prime candidate to try anything to put mass on, but he chose a rigorous strength routine with a high protein, high calorie diet. He made a solid decision, and looking back on his success in college and as a continuing international athlete, I think he made a much better decision for the LONG term of his career.

I never felt the pressure to use HGH or any other chemical to be a better athlete, but the pressures are different for women.

(For the record, my husband and I were both Division I athletes in college, and he now plays professional basketball overseas.)

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