Sunday, March 9, 2008

Getting your husband to do more housework

I thought you might be able to use this study reported by ABC News that shows men who do more housework may get more sex:

American men still don't pull their weight when it comes to housework and child care, but collectively they're not the slackers they used to be. The average dad has gradually been getting better about picking himself up off the sofa and pitching in, according to a new report in which a psychologist suggests the payoff for doing more chores could be more sex.

The report, by the Council on Contemporary Families, summarizes several recent studies on family dynamics. One found that men's contribution to housework had doubled over the past four decades; another found they tripled the time spent on child care over that span.

"More couples are sharing family tasks than ever before, and the movement toward sharing has been especially significant for full-time dual-earner couples," the report says. "Men and women may not be fully equal yet, but the rules of the game have been profoundly and irreversibly changed."

"He's the one who makes breakfast and folds the laundry," said Melchoir, 47. "I'm the one who fixes things around the house." Joshua Coleman, a San Francisco-area psychologist and author of "The Lazy Husband: How to Get Men to Do More Parenting and Housework," said equitable sharing of housework can lead to a happier marriage and more frequent sex.

"If a guy does housework, it looks to the woman like he really cares about her — he's not treating her like a servant," said Coleman, who is affiliated with the Council on Contemporary Families. "And if a woman feels stressed out because the house is a mess and the guy's sitting on the couch while she's vacuuming, that's not going to put her in the mood."

How much housework does your husband do? Mine is in charge of the laundry. I absolutely dread doing the laundry, so it's a big relief to me!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Maria said...

When my husband returns for the summers, he is helpful...and when I am cleaning, he'll come ask to help, but I think that is because he knows that I clean when I am mad. LOL! For the most part, all of the house and childcare, plus a full-time job, are mind. He helps when he is in the country, but that is limited. It works for us, and I am certain it will change when he switches up his career.

Oh, and when he does clean, etc, I am not as tired and I do feel loved, so he probably does get more sex. LOL!

Dan said...

Jen.....I get home from work several hours before my wife does, so I have dinner prepared and ready when she arrives. (I actually like to cook). I also do all the laundry each week. I do NOT do ironing, however. LOL As for cleaning the house, we've always shared that job too. said...

I will not complain anymore when my husband works late. If you can do it by youself most of the time, that gives me motivation!
Good for you! I love to hear about husbands taking an active role!You will have to spread the word!

Maria said...

Complain away! Our situation is unique and this is the first year that I have not traveled with him. I have had to learn how to cope with "doing it all" without feeling like he is getting the easy road. I get all of the "crap," but I also get to experience the joys of watching our son grow on a day to day basis. Plus, I ALWAYS get to do it my way. LOL!

Shannon said...

My husband is really good about helping around the house. He does laundry (well, I put away everyone's but his but he does the washing/drying part) and irons his own clothes, often sweeps up the kitchen, picks up toys, and will also vacuum.

I think there's a book called "Foreplay begins in the kitchen"??? - and I think the title says it all!

Rixblix said...

My husband is a far better housekeeper/cleaner than I! Thanks goodness, too. The rule 'round here is if you don't like the way it's getting done, do it yourself! said...

Maria-doing thinks however you want is a plus!

Shannon, I'll have to take a look at the book. I bet this study is based on the same research...funny title!

Rixblix,I do like that motto-unfortunately things just end up not getting done in my house!

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