Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Stories

My four-year-old is the one who created drama today. The day started out great. He ran into our bedroom and said, "The Easter bunny came. He really came. Come on, let me show." So, he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed to show me the eggs in the corners of the couch. It was all very exciting.

UNTIL, he had to get dressed for church. I had his outfit laid out in the living room. He puts it on and my husband asks me if I thought our son was eight instead of four when I picked this sweater. My son turns the corner and has these saggy butt pants on that are at least two inches too long and a sweater the goes down to his knees.

That started the melt down. I can't take the blame for this. There doesn't seem to be any consistency in kids' clothes. I bought the same size I always do. So, my husband finds an old button down shirt and a sweater vest that is too small, but it looks better than the first choice. The only problem? My son,with this very serious face, shows me how the sleeves don't go down to his wrist and "mommy, this just won't do." I had to laugh at his perceptiveness.

It's the middle of the afternoon now and he still hasn't taken off his Easter outfit. I guess he got used to it!

What happened with your kids this Easter? Did everything go as planned or did you have to regroup at the last minute too? Tell me your Easter story.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


advocate4kidz said...

Yes, my little ones were excited this morning too. However, we made the mistake of giving them all their candy and they refused to eat their easter dinner.....oops! We live and learn. I can relate to your dilemma regarding clothing. That's why we stick with two stores to buy from because we've had the same problem. That is still no guarantee that the sizes will be right, but at least you have a better idea. I hope you took a picture because that will be a fun memory. Hope you had a fabulous Easter celebration!

My Flock Rocks! said...

I have a priceless picture of my son in his Easter suit...robin egg blue, polyester to boot...but this was back in the 70's. I don't think he will ever forgive me! Happy Easter!

Jennifer said...

Awww... I can just picture the saggy butt pants...

My neighbor sent us confetti eggs from Texas. They are real egg shells that have had the egg yolk/white removed then are filled with confetti. The egg is dyed and the hole is covered with tissue paper. The kids "crack" the eggs on each other's heads. My son did one egg on his cousin Forest's head. Forest grabbed an egg from a centerpiece on our dining room table and cracked it on my son's egg. Only it wasn't a confetti egg, but a real one!
(Yes, my daughter dyed non-hard boiled eggs!) said...

Yes advocate, my son too has been eating way too much candy. Between the grandparents, school and the Easter egg hunt at a local park we ended up with more junk than I planned.
I haven't splurged to get the Easter suite yet. I want to, but I always end up getting something the kids can wear another day. I should have taken a picture of the saggy drawers and sleeves hiding his hands!
Jennifer-I am just picturing egg yoke all over his face. Did you get a picture?That is too funny!

Anonymous said...

'The Easter Bunny' hid 50 of the small plastic eggs around our home for our kids, 3 and 5 (almost 6).

We have found 43 to date. We can't seem to find the map the easter bunny let behind.

I noticed the eggs are now made with little holes in the ends to eliminate suffocation. Ever the Chief Safety Dad, I guess.

George DeCell
Chhief Safety Dad
Devoted Daddy, Inc.

Jennifer said...

Oopps.. that should have read "cracked it on my son's head" not "egg..."

Sadly I didn't get any pictures. It was funny though, the egg crashed on the side of his head and he had egg white dripping in to his ear! Ugh...

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