Thursday, March 13, 2008

Abercrombie and Fitch Controversy

I got this message from a reader:

"I've read your blog and thought you may be interested in this story, both professionally and as a blogger. My wife and I are associated with Nationwide Children's and are in the process of organizing a non-profit child advocacy. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the attached story." Dave Osborn

The story is about the clothing store Abercrombie and Fitch giving $10 million toward the construction of a new emergency room for Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Some are outraged the Abercrombie name would be seen in the ER because they believe the store promotes teens wearing racy, provocative clothes.

Boston-based Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood said research shows racy marketing campaigns can be linked to more kids having eating disorders, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

CNBC ran the full story this week.

What do I think? I used to wear Abercrombie clothes when I was in high school and I didn't think they were that racy. Then, I had my own kids and I think I am more conservative or maybe the clothes are skimpier now. I have seen 12-year-old girls in skirts that don't cover their behinds. That is just wrong. I think there's a big difference between tweens wearing these clothes and someone who is a senior in high school or in college. I can see why parents of tweens are upset with the advertising. Of course middle school kids going into high school want to wear what their peers are wearing. It's only natural. That would be a hard battle as a parent.

Here's the link to the Abercrombie and Fitch photo gallery. The first shot is of the back side of a boy, showing his behind. Then you see a girl with long hair who doesn't appear to be wearing a shirt. Hmmmm..

However, the picture I posted above doesn't bother me.

What do you think about Abercrombie's marketing campaign? Is is too racy?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

P.S. Because I used the words Abercrombie & Fitch, some of the google ads are inappropriate. I apologize and will try to fix that. The ads are not picked by me. The computer just looks for words that match my text. Apologies!


Anonymous said...

i find it very interesting that a "photo album" for a clothing store has only three kids wearing shirts in the whole album. it would seem to me that it would be better advertising to show the kids wearing A&F clothing rather than be pictured a parent i find the ads to be too provocative even for high school kids, not to mention tweens.

Diane Vespa said...

Unfortunately, its not just A&F. I shop at Gymboree for my 5 and 6 year old and find much of their girls clothing provocative. The pants ride low around their hips, there are a lot of spaghetti straps in the summer time, short skirts and crop tops. At first I thought I was being prudish and un-hip so shrugged it off and purchased anyway. Later, I realized it was still really bothering me. Needless to say, I no longer shop there.

Maria said...

The clothes are getting racier, and the advertising is getting sexier. Seriously, you can buy thongs for six year olds... that have "slogans" on the front. How appropriate is that? Not to mention the 12 year olds with their butts hanging out of skirts. Somehow that became "ok" while a bit of breast to feed a baby is not appropriate. Grr...

As for A&F, sex sells... but I do not think it is appropriate for the age they are marketing to.

Personally, I am not and never have been an A&F fan. said...

Yah, the photo gallery says it all. We are selling clothes and here's a young girl without any on. Ok? Things for 6-year-olds? That's just sick! And I had no idea about Gymboree. I love that store. I have boys, so hopefully I won't have that problem...

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Shannon said...

I'm a self-professed Gymboree addict and while I have seen some outfits I consider inappropriate, one of the things I love about that store is that there are so many more conservative, little girl options. At least IME, anyway.

Jen- you're making me feel old, A&F wasn't around or just wasn't that cool when I was in high school! It makes me sad what kind of marketing we direct at kids these days though. My husband and I still laugh every time we pass a "Hollister" store. If those kids who spend all their money there only knew what kind of town Hollister, CA really is! (I've done live shots from there... so I have been there!) Not that it's a bad town, but it's a good two hours from the beach and located in the central part of the state - a far cry from the southern, beach style they promote in the store.

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