Sunday, February 3, 2008

Product Reviews

I have been asked to do several product reviews on this site. I don't know if there are ethics rules in the blogging world, so I think I should let you know I am writing as a journalist. I will do product reviews if I think the item could benefit readers. I will not give a good review just because someone sent me a product at no charge. I will just tell the truth.

That being said, I have a couple of interesting products on the way. One is a chair for older kids to keep them from getting up at the dinner table. The other is a guide to infant potty training. I told the owners of the products I seriously doubt they will work my kids, but I agreed to test them and I will let you know how it goes.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Diane Vespa said...

In the blogging world, you kind of make up the rules as you go along. They are always subject to change, and if you don't feel like abiding by them you don't have to. ;)
I'm totally serious!

steven edward streight said...

Sorry Diane, but that's totally false. The blogosphere has definite norms and protocols, a distinct "netiquette".

Most blogger I know and respect are opposed to blogging about products based on any kind of incentives or persuasion by manufacturers.

Once they start sending you free products, you may feel obligated to say nice things, and downplay or ignore the not so great aspects of the product.

Bloggers agree on certain ethics and standards, which is why most of us are against PayPerPost, ghost blogging, fictional character blogs (unless it's Ronald McDonald or other known trademark figure) with fake "adventures" and phony "recipes" (etc.), and pseudo blogs.

Core values of blogging include Transparency, Authenticity, Passion, and Integrity.

If you don't abide by such values and practices, you are blacklisted.

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