Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Boy trapped in Washing Machine

I often worry about my four-year-old son getting into something he shouldn't. He knows better, but he is adament he can do everything by himseld. That includes using knifes and scissors.

When I saw this story on CNN I thought I should share it with you as a reminder we need to keep a close eye on our little ones.

A four-year-old Ohio boy was rescued after he became temporarily stuck in the family washing machine.

The parents of 4-year-old Donivan Hasseman found their son literally stuck in the washing machine Sunday at their home in Dover, Ohio. His mom said, "My oldest son came up and told me mom Donivan's head is stuck in the washer."

The boy's dad attempted to free his son, however, was not able to without professional help. His dad said,""His one leg was bent underneath him, his stomach was against this and his back was completely, totally compressed against the agitator. I ran upstairs and got a crowbar."

Local firefighters soon arrived and used the jaws of life-literally disassembling parts of the unit to rescue the boy. Authorities said Donivan did not sustain any significant injuries during his ordeal.

My son loves to switch the laundry loads and gets so mad when I offer to help him. I am glad this wasn't my story, but it easily could have been.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


karrie said...

My boys are fascinated with the washer too. They recently discovered it as a hiding place. They also think its funny to have one get into the washer and see how wet the one in the washer gets when its turned on...or they like sitting on the washer and dangling their feet inside while a load is being washed. Boys.....my girls never even thought of half the stuff my boys try!
I cant remember how many times I have warned them to stay away from the washer. I am going to tell my boys about this, and maybe it will help.

newsanchormom.com said...

What is it with boys? They are just so curious! (my baby is pulling things out of the pantry as I type this)
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with adventurous little ones!

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