Monday, January 14, 2008

Marriage Advice

I Emceed the Wedding Showcase this weekend at Weaver Ridge Country Club in Peoria, Illinois and talked to the brides about marriage. It was a nice event with a good showing.

Marc Lester from Marc Lester Photography took the pictures that are on this blog post. He was nice enough to send them to me free of charge.

I got an email yesterday saying my blog was getting depressing because I am covering such big topics. So, here are some trivia questions I found from The National Association of Wedding Ministries I thought you might find interesting.(The right answers are in the post underneath this one.)

The average American engagement is:

  1. 9 Months

  2. 11 Months

  3. 16 Months

The average age for first time brides:

  1. 23 years-old

  2. 24 years-old

  3. 25 years-old
The average age for first time grooms:

  1. 26 years-old

  2. 27 years-old

  3. 28 years-old
The average household income of a newly married couple:

  1. $60,000/year

  2. $68,000/year

  3. $75,000/year
The average size of a wedding party:

  1. 10

  2. 12

  3. 14
The average amount spent on a traditional wedding:

  1. $12,000

  2. $16,000

  3. $22,000
The average amount spent on a bridal gown:

  1. $800

  2. $900

  3. $1,000
What is more popular:

  1. Sit-down dinner

  2. Buffet

  3. Cake & Punch
The brides need your help. My marriage advice is to compromise. has some more tips for soon-to-be newlyweds and those of us who have been married for ages.

What's yours advice for your couples?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Josh said...

First off, marry your best friend. Why marry someone you don't want to hang out with? Second, compromise. It isn't just about you anymore. Third, set your "rules" the first year. YOU (as in you and your spouse) decide what family functions you want to go to. You decide how you want to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas. If your parents live 3 hours apart, do you want to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in the car so you can see both sets of parents on that day? The point, DO NOT let your family decide how you will spend the day. Four, have fun. You don't get married to be miserable.

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