Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Go Green with Kids

I was feeding my 10-month-old son the other day from food out of a plastic container. I was thinking about how much he is eating these days and wondering what to do with all these little plastic things. He probably goes through four a day! Granted, they're small and probably won't be a big burden on the environment. But still, four a day makes me feel a little guilty. I could always follow these guidelines for making baby food at home. That would eliminate the plastic containers.

You have to pay to recycle in my town. My husband and I talk about doing it, but haven't gotten around to it. Writing this down is good motivation.
I do wish I was more environmentally friendly. It's not like I'm against recycling. Why would you be? I just think I need to make it a priority.

Teaching my sons to be conscience of the environment might just be the way to make up for where I have been lacking. There are some websites dedicated to helping us as parents teach our kids some good, green habits: A Walk in the Woods, Bobbie Bigfoot, Kid's Air, and Eco kids.

Often times you hear "tips" on the news about how to be environmentally friendly, but I like to call most of them the "No Duh" suggestions. I found some not so common ways to be environmentally friendly like eating less red meat and installing a different shower head. Sounds strange? I thought so too, but the explanations make it all clear.

How do we teach our kids to go green? There are these new green schools. That's a huge undertaking, but some feel they're worth the cost. It's very interesting. is a website based out of Bloomington, Illinois. There are some easy ways to go green mentioned on the site like changing your make-up. It might make your skin look better too. Who knew?
Do you recycle?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

2 comments: said...

I got this comment via email:

Dear Mom,
We would appreciate your opinion.

If the zillions of kids around the world called ECOKIDS could somehow be brought together as a one, unified world organization the positive environmental results could be real and awesome. Kids can have a powerful influence
on adult's thinking because our kids are our tomorrow. ECO KIDS of the world
are the same in name and are different in ways but they are together in goals trying to help make this old world a safer, cleaner and healthier place during these times, and given their huge recognized numbers it would seem that the world's ECO KIDS working together to achieve this goal would at least be worth a thought. Mom please excuse this message if it is not of your interest.

Thank You for your time.


Kara Harris said...

I made most of my own baby food for our second child. It was easy to make, was environmentally friendly and was cost effective. I'm hoping to do it again for our third child.
Thanks for the post!

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