Sunday, January 13, 2008

Best Family Pictures

My poor baby is already being treated like the second child he is. I was deteremined not to scrimp on his baby pictures, but I have. He is 11 months old and I don't have a nine month picture. I think I better just wait until 12 months. How often do you get professional pictures of your kids? It gets kind of pricey. So, I have tried several times to take what looks like a professional picture in my living room. Once in awhile, I get lucky with a good picture, but I'm not sure why.

Best Family Photograhaphy has this advice:

  1. Plan ahead. Have extra memory cards and batteries available. If there's more than one child in the picture write down what poses you definitely want.

  2. Experiment with different perspectives and angles. This is one where the baby is moving away from you, but still has her face toward the camera.

  3. Gently squeeze the button With activity, be ready for those special action baby pictures when they presents themselves, and gently squeeze the shutter button. Why gently? Because if you jerk it quickly in an attempt to capture a particular instant, you'll likely move the camera just enough to blur the baby picture.

  4. Avoid some backgrounds that are particularly bright, have glass, or shiny surfaces.

  5. Try increasing the">ISO strong/a> high enough to take baby portraits without a flash, but not so high that the "digital noise" will ruin the photograph.

  6. The use of a tripod is strongly recommended on shots longer than 1/200 of a second.

This link is for taking great baby pictures.

And Better Photos has some more tips I liked:

  1. Position everyone so that their heads are close together.

  2. Wear bright solid colors. Stripes, sports logos, polka dots, and plaids act as distractions, pulling the viewer's eye away from your subject.

  3. Keep things simple, including just your subject and being careful to not include a bunch of other things in the picture.

  4. Time of Day: Take your family portrait at a time of day that produces the nicest light - like early in the morning when the sun is just rising.

I've learned a few things. I hope it helps you too!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Maria said...

This is one area in life where I am spoiled. My step-mom is a professional photographer (PPA and all!), so I have pictures from 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 11 months, and 12 months. There might be a few in between there, but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head. We live over 800 miles away (for a while we were in Germany!), but it has always worked to get the pictures done.

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