Monday, January 7, 2008

Saving Money

I cringe every time I open the fridge and see leftovers. They always seem to sit there until we throw them out. I cannot recall a time when we felt like eating the same thing two days in a row. Can you blame us? So, every few weeks I go on this mission to save money by not wasting any food.

This is a challenge when it comes to my four-year-old son. He asks me for a grilled cheese for lunch. I have two pieces of muenster cheese left in one package and a new package of cheddar cheese in the freezer. My son always has cheddar on his grilled cheese. I decide we are not wasting those last two pieces of white cheese just because he can be particular.

I hand him his sandwich. He takes a bite and says, “What’s this white stuff?” I explain to him that white cheese is just as good as cheddar and quickly exit the conversation. He eats about 3/4 of the sandwich and sets it on the table. Then he says, “Mom, this white cheese tastes like paper.” I about died. I forgot to remove the little white papers in between the cheese! The moral of the story? Be careful about where you scrimp and save!

Saving advice

has a great blog on how others are saving money when it comes to all that gift giving we do!

And here are 66 Ways to Save Money without feeding your kids paper for dinner!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


james3v1 said...

Now we have a few more kids than you do, but we buy our cheese in 5 pound blocks, but we get all the cheese (including the cheddar) white so it wouldn't look any different.

Of course cheddar, white or not, tastes different than muenster. (even without the paper)

Chris said...

Hi Jennifer...very nice's a great idea and I hope you can keep up with it...below is a link to Milwaukee reporter who also has a blog and uses it to talk about personal/parenting issues...thought you might enjoy it:

Chris Martin, MPH

Anonymous said...

First off, this is an awesome website. Love it. In regards to leftovers, this is a stellar idea from one of my co-workers. She has three kids and most Fridays, they have LOT-LOT night (little of this, little of that) for leftovers. They create a menu and the children "take the orders" and then help serve the leftovers.

East Bluff Barbie said...

I have been guilty of the making the grilled cheese and paper sandwich more than once! :)

Anonymous said...

We didn't like leftovers either so every night we put everything leftover in the freezer. Then once a month we would have "whatever" stew. I threw everything in the pot and added seasonings and a salad and dinner rolls and we had a great meal. It was never the same thing twice and the kids actually looked forward to seeing what it tasted like each month.

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